A Rising ROAR OF RECLAMATION Carries Fire to Burn Up His Enemies!

In my spirit I see lion after lion, standing atop a mountain overlooking a valley below. They have been summoned to the battle and have formed a line of offense. Looking upon the devastation of the enemy below, these lions have been drawn together with one passion and one purpose – to reclaim the territory that is theirs. The enemy has been pillaging and ravaging the land long enough, and it’s time for the roar of the lions. It’s time to sound the ROAR OF RECLAMATION.

This roar has been sounding from regions and cities across the land as those who are bold of heart have lifted their voices in defiance of the enemy’s assault in their territories. Pockets of breakthrough have been seen as this sound has been lifted over lesser lands. And yet, it is time for this sound to come forth over the nation. A unified sound from the lions of God that signal their sole allegiance to their Maker and King. A sound that shatters the enemy’s lies and renders demonic weapons useless in taking any more captives.

An invitation from the Champion of Hosts is being issued to those who will join this flank of lions at the ready. Seducing spirits and the fear of man are wooing many into a trap, but those who refuse their bait and come up to a higher call will receive the rewards of reclamation. They will be the first to reap the spoils of the enemy’s loss.

The fiery trials that many have walked through have been unto refining and sanctifying a FAITH WITH FIRE. Perseverance is doing its work and igniting hearts and fueling a passion to see the King’s rule and reign established once again (1 Peter 1:6-7). It is these BURNING ONES who have come through the fires and been steadfast in faith that are being called up to join in this Roar of Reclamation.

Do not suppose your trial has been isolated or without merit. Do not think your troubles have been unto hopelessness and defeat. The King on His throne has been preparing you to join the flank! He has given you everything you need to walk through the fire and come out without the smell of smoke (Daniel 3:25-30). He is baptizing you with His Holy Spirit and His FIRE. Your faith is coming forth as gold as you refuse to quit or give in. Your resolute trust in Him, alone, has qualified you to receive His baptism of fire and receive your commission to alter the enemy’s timeline and eradicate his rule.

Where the enemies of God are lighting literal fires across the land, the King has been lighting fires of His own. It is within the hearts of His lions and dread champions of faith who have come to know their God without fault or blame. It is these who have seen through the fog of war and rightly discerned the enemy’s schemes. It is these who have been set ablaze with the Father’s passion for His sons and daughters to receive their inheritance and just reward. It is these whose voices are now fueled by heaven’s fire. The roar of these lions is no longer just sounding an alarm but burning up the enemies of God. It is this fiery faith coming forth from His overcoming lions that has supernatural power to utterly destroy every demonic weapon and strategy.

This is not the time for defensive plays or countermoves. This is the time for the lions to take their offensive positions and sound forth the Roar of Reclamation over the nation. This sound will reverberate throughout time itself. It will pass through long-held strongholds in the second heaven and annihilate false barriers created by principalities and powers. This is no ordinary sound, for the Roar of Reclamation carries fire to burn up all His enemies and prepare the way for His glory!

Receive the rewards from past seasons of hardship and pain and receive this baptism of fire to fuel your roar! It is no longer your battle, but His. It is no longer your voice, but His. Let the roar of the King come through YOU! Join the flank of God’s lions to release the Roar of Reclamation across the land. That which has been stolen will be redeemed and all will see the might of the King as the world is set ablaze by His glory.  

Fire goes before Him and burns up His adversaries all around. His lightnings light up the world; the earth sees and trembles. The mountains melt like wax before the Lord, before the Lord of all the earth.


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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.

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3 Responses

  1. Excellent word Wanda. Many have been through adversity, trials, and FIRE! I agree NOW is not the time for defense but NOW is the time to be on the offense!! Let the Lion ROAR‼️🔥

  2. Mighty Lionesses of God roar. This is perfect to speak over our mountains, troubles, difficulties!
    The enemies victories fall around his feet!
    We crush his head in the area of Education!
    Comprehension and thriving for the weary ones!

  3. Neville Johnson said that the baptism of fire will preserve a generation of Christians that will live through the greatest darkness the world has ever seen. The Body of Christ needs this baptism to burn away the impurities so the Bride can make herself ready!

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