I drafted this word in early November before news broke of a scandal surrounding the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Given the ongoing investigations taking place in this global prayer movement, this word is even more critical. Prophetic voices were never meant to operate apart from apostolic oversight. The Church desperately needs godly governance by anointed leaders if we are to have any long-lasting impact. May this word compel us to pray even more fervently for those truly anointed to lead us into 2024…

Right after the 2020 election and the questionable inauguration on January 20, many people were jolted awake. 2021 marked the beginning of prophetic voices rising up with surprising revelations concerning the state of this nation – and the world. We were no longer trying to rectify a single injustice in the political sphere, but confronting a dark and demonic agenda brewing in the background that has affected our entire history – for years.

It was during those first few months of 2021 that God put a spotlight on His prophets to sound the alarm and reveal hidden things. Giving them various platforms from which to speak, God’s favor rested on His servants to reveal and expose the dark and twisted plans that had been in the shadows for generations. This continued throughout 2021 and 2022 as prophetic voices championed truth amidst lies and exposed strongholds of deceit and corruption. Even non-believing skeptics who would otherwise dismiss spiritual matters, suddenly paid attention. Given the desperation of the hour, the whole world began tuning in to hear what the prophets were saying.

The king answered and said to Daniel, “Truly, your God is God of gods and Lord of kings, and a revealer of mysteries, for you have been able to reveal this mystery.

As we turned the corner into 2023, many people were finally waking up to the true nature of our warfare. Covid was proven to be a weapon of mass destruction, not just a deadly virus. Crime families were being exposed in the highest places of government. Alliances with satanic cults and ritual abuse were being brought into the open. Because of prophetic voices sounding the alarm, citizens around the world responded and started to confront the works of darkness in their own territories. That which was revealed by God’s prophets served to awaken a dying populace and mobilize a sleeping giant. 

Given the unexpected chaos that erupted after the 2020 election, I believe the prophets released what the Lord required to stir us into action. They sounded the alarm and got the world’s attention. But now we must steward the truths we’ve been given and take action on what’s been revealed. 

Now it’s time for the apostles to take their place. Just as the prophets did their part in calling people awake, now the apostles must step up and lead. Our cry for new leadership in this nation illustrates the massive need for God-ordained leaders in every sphere of our culture. Where the prophets blew the trumpet, the apostles must now lead the charge. The broken systems of leadership have not only affected the secular realm, but the sacred. As exposures concerning immorality and compromise continue to take place, especially within the Church, true apostolic fathers and mothers are desperately needed. Dysfunctional leadership at all levels of ministry are coming to light and we must repair our own houses before we can begin to influence any others.

And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to dwell in.

The grace upon true apostolic leadership is to repair that which is broken; to reestablish healthy foundations, and to raise up a generation with personal integrity in the fear of the Lord. The Ekklesia should be the standard-bearer for this kind of leadership influencing every other sphere of culture. This is why I believe the Lord will shine His light on true apostolic leaders in the next few years. Just as He called forth the prophets at a time when the world needed them, so will He bring forth His apostolic leaders to bring godly governance and long-term transformation as new wineskins and structures are formed.

If we are to align with God’s purposes in this next year, we need to pray for these apostolic leaders whom the Lord is calling and setting in place. They will not always be marked by a title or letterhead. They will be known by their faithfulness to God’s Word, the integrity of their works, and the evidence of the Spirit’s power in their lives. They will walk in truth and purity, and have an authentic passion for the well-being of Christ’s Body. They will carry an authority, not given by men, but given by God that has been tested through time and trial. The apostolic leaders emerging in the coming days have been chosen and uniquely prepared for this time in history.

Prophetic voices will continue to speak and provide the needed encouragement, as well as correction, for the days ahead. But if we want to reap the rewards from the past few years of prophetic revelation, we must now partner with apostolic authority and oversight. Jesus Himself gave the Church His apostles and prophets in order to establish a healthy foundation for the Ekklesia (Ephesians 2:20). Any house that is not firmly established on the Living Word will crumble, and every man-made kingdom of the world will fail.  But with Christ Jesus as the Chief Cornerstone, God’s house will be built and established on the earth. It will be a witness and testimony to the world that the authority of His Kingdom is the only one that truly prevails and the only one that endures. 

Of the increase of His government and of peace there will be no end, on the throne of David and over His kingdom, to establish it and to uphold it with justice and with righteousness from this time forth and forevermore. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will do this.

Watch my 2-part video interview with Andrew Whalen as we process several dreams concerning IHOPKC and the Lord's purposes in the fire.

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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Thank you, sister for humbly communicating the truth to the Body of Christ. We are living in amazing days.

  2. Thank you Wanda this is yet indeed confirmation of the same word I had to deliver on the other side of the globe on a number of occasions
    I see a paradox : the newcomers as taught by the Word and the Spirit of truth, rather separated in the wilderness- still hears they are “lone-rangers” and “false prophets”. As this is what is blatantly spoken on social media by your USA oversight committee members. Obviously if raised by God in isolation He is oversight enough-initially anyway? Really judgements of such newcomers take them out of the playing field— even before they started.
    Maybe those are the ones in error? And just maybe they should be the ones to be corrected?
    And to call out ones the Lord raised; raised them in very unusual ways, ways that mostly do not include theological degrees and titles, is very irresponsible and sad.
    I am looking forward to how our heavenly Father will catapult all newcomers right over our walls of judgement.

  3. Wanda, there are so few who are talking about the need for and emerging of new apostles. You have been blessed with this insight. The Apostles are “coming out of the desert” and are praying to be lead to the prophet or prophets they are to work with. There are some things in todays “church” which cannot be repaired because they are built on a false foundation. They must be torn down. When the foundation is rebuilt on the truth of the whole gospel with Jesus as the cornerstone then we will see things built higher and more wonderful than we have ever seen. Pray for prophets to see the need for apostles and the grace to submit to the authority of the apostles.

  4. Thank you Wanda for being so articulate in guiding us all through the truth that is so needed in the church right now. Your anointing as a prophet and apostle give us great hope in what God is doing in His church and for the future.
    This beginning year will be turbulent, but needed to continue the shaking that God is doing in the church and the spheres of society. May we all respond in faith and peace.

  5. Thank you Wanda for your obedience to the Word. Your dreams are so accurate as well as the Words you’ve been given. It’s always a breath of fresh air to me in all this turmoil. You keep us grounded to not act like the accuser of the brethren but, to honestly intercede for the fallen to be restored. This is God’s heart. Thank you thank you!

  6. Thank for confirming so much of what God is doing. I agree with you. For about two years tha Lord has had me pray for the correction, building up, and unity of the 5 fold ministry for such a time as this. Since the beginning of 2023.. suddenly the Lord had me to beginning to pray for the foundation of the churches . And core of leaders to be dealt with healed and restored. For family foundation to be cleansed/healing of family trees.
    Leadership foundations in their personal lives to be cleansed. The snakes to be removed by the hand of God and be Crushed. So many other things. So here we are! God have mercy on us all.
    I find myself lacking so much sometimes. I have never had a mentor in the prophetic..so I know very little. I feel at a loose sometimes. Though throughout my life since I was young I knew things I didn’t understand. All I knew was to pray. I am 76yrs old and am so hungry to learn more about all the beautiful things God is doing. But grieve for the lost, and cry out for the lack I see In I see in the Body of Christ.
    Thank you again for your insight. God bless you and keep his might hand on you!

  7. Thank you for the wisdom! I enjoy reading your words and I’m always encouraged by them. Further more, I learn many things from your sharing. You’re a great role model, a true servant of God. It’s a great blessing to have leaders like you in the body of Christ, so we can continue moving on and growing no matter what the circumstances look like or feel like.

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