I have been following the unsettling exposures within the IHOPKC community and watching the ongoing dialogue on social media (primarily on “X”). The raw emotions shared, and disillusionment expressed by many students and former members, are painful to watch. I know it grieves the Lord’s heart. I’ve never sought to take sides, simply to discern the truth. I want to learn what the Lord is showing us, not only about our present situation, but about our past – as well as our future. And as much as I respect and honor many of the spiritual fathers and mothers who have gone before, I cannot help but see a huge disconnect with the future generation and a drastic need for change. What follows is simply my own heart process – as one who longs for something better…

I hear the cry of a generation calling out for authentic relationship over marketed Christianity. Heart to heart conversations over clickbait drama. True and honest leaders who love those they serve, more than they do their chance at a podium. In the midst of gifts gone bad and fruit that is rotting, they are looking for something real that is up close and personal. The question is, how will we respond to their honest feedback? Will we get offended or be willing to take a closer look at ourselves?

Personally, I remember when prophetic ministry was a huge deal in the 80’s and 90’s. I remember the hunger and desire to grow in spiritual gifts and supernatural encounters. I also remember the constant pushback from mainline denominations and religious teachers of the day. I admired the spiritual fathers and mothers who were unwavering in their commitment to teach on these controversial gifts and defy the Pharisees of their day through their teaching and ministry.

Unfortunately, I believe in their zeal to open wide the gates to the spiritual realm, a door was also opened to counterfeit gifts and compromised messengers. And fleshly ambition. With the advent of the internet, good ministers felt pressured to compete with Hollywood-style stages and professionally mixed soundtracks. In an unspoken race for ratings, the Charismatic and prophetic messages morphed beyond simple and powerful biblical truths – to an entire industry. The push for media presence and follower counts became the benchmark for success. It has become big business for those who have been seduced into a lie that popularity equals anointing and name-dropping equals influence. What started as authentic relationships formed through mutual values, became a network of alliances and connections for the sake of building a brand. And though that may have a measure of merit, it has also created loyalties so deeply embedded, to pull away and cry foul in the current scandals, would be considered ministry suicide.

Certainly, this has not been everyone’s heart, nor practice. Not everyone has given in to peer pressure or to the devil’s whispers to “prove yourself!” Thank God there are still many authentic ministers who operate in the power of the Spirit without need for trending hashtags or slick packaging – or by popular vote. Yet, there are those who have fallen prey to an approach to ministry that’s more of a business model or marketing campaign, than a lifestyle of integrity and transformation. This has been a very subtle and slippery slope, and no one is to “blame.” I am not suggesting we throw out effective tools for reaching more people. But I do think it’s time we take responsibility for the message we’ve been sending. What patterns have we been exhibiting that are not only outdated and irrelevant – but even dangerous and toxic? Are we simply building our own platforms and ministries – or a legacy that sons and daughters can embrace and build upon for long-term fruit?

How important is character and lifestyle? How do we grow in spiritual gifts without becoming an insider’s club or charismatic clique? How important is prophecy compared to all the other gifts of the Spirit and the works that Jesus commanded? How are we modeling healthy leadership to a majority of sons and daughters who will never have a national platform or “full-time” ministry, but minister just as powerfully at home base in their own families and communities?

I hope you heart my heart. This critique does not apply to all. Even so, as I am seeing the current scandals come to light, I believe we are being given an opportunity to dig deep and take a serious look at what we’ve been building. It is clear that God is purging us of attitudes and practices that have become poisonous and destructive to the Body. He is exposing our idolatry of personas and our secularization of the gospel. He is revealing the motives of men’s hearts and challenging the gospel we preach. And He is removing the false messengers that got through the door we unknowingly opened.

I would suggest it’s time to rethink our values, re-examine our methods, and repent for any presumption on our part. There is a generation following with buyer’s remorse. The spiritual power and opportunity many thought they were getting has turned out to be a knock-off imitation – a shadow of something else that’s far more powerful – and valuable. Our challenge is to hear their cries, shepherd their hearts, and demonstrate the real thing.  

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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. I appreciate your voice in these times. Many are reeling from what they are hearing in the “news”but also in the so called “Christian” community. We need a sound person sharing with the body to stabilize the rocking boat. Thankyou for your posts and videos. May God help all of us as we maneuver through this mess.

  2. What God brought to my attention again is Matthew 6:33 But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. That led me to Ps 89:14, Righteousness and justice are the foundations of your throne; Lovingkindness and truth go before you.
    I am praying for His kingdom to come in the midst of all the corruption and deception.

  3. Over the past few weeks I have been sensing a weight over my life, which I believe is the fear of the Lord. It is a pure, clean and delightful feeling with a sense of awe and reverence for who the Lord is and what He is capable of. I am aware that we are entering into the greatest time in history where HIS story will be tangibly seen and it will be talked about and acknowledged as the time when we really KNEW God as a just and fair and righteous Father..I believe we will see both the deep deep love and mercy of God accompanied by His extreme generosity and kindness as well as the severity of consequences for sin in such a way that only He could do. Just as you explained how everyone ‘ears’ were tingling in the old testament, there will be a global recognition of the holiness and awesomeness of God. I believe this is going to happen on a Global stage in public view….I have felt for a while now that holiness and the fear of the Lord would be a mark of this current era….This exposure will cause a true fear, awe and wonder and adoration of the one true God…

  4. For a couple of years I have sensed that God has been trying to awaken a sleeping church. Many in the church have become apathetic. They are not hearing sound doctrine. The wolves are amongst the sheep. Many are crying out for God to remove evil in our government etc. However I believe God’s judgment will begin in the church. How are we to go about the Lord’s business when so many have been led astray? Judgment will start in the house of God.

  5. Perhaps a move back to local ministry is a possible resolution. At the local level we SEE and HEAR each other in the reality of life. How one conducts business affairs is on display with local merchants and churches. How one deals with storms, cold, darkness, disappointments. How one treats and reacts to one’s spouse tells much. How I react at the ballgame when my son or daughter is wronged by the referee tells the careful observer much about my character and whether one is fit for the Master’s use as a clear channel of communication.

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