In the last few years, we have been learning just how much God’s enemies have lied to us about our government, our history, our education, our medicines, and even our food sources. We have had to face the reality that we’ve been slowly poisoned, not only in our minds and psyches through brainwashing and controlling narratives, but through most everything we’ve been told to put in our bodies – supposedly for our “good.” This may sound exaggerated, and yet the physical toll on millions of people due to these deceptive agendas, in undeniable. People are sick and dying as a result of corrupted systems and God is showing us there’s a way to defeat and overcome the enemy’s plans for our destruction.

I just posted a video (link below) where I share what the Lord has taught me this past year about this unique warfare, which is both spiritual and natural. Because we are composed of spirit, soul, mind, and body, we must learn how to war on all those fronts. Prayer alone is not enough to combat the insidious weapons that have been used against us in recent years. We must become more informed and proactive as we learn to war differently and more strategically.

I believe in divine healing, but even more in divine health. This means that our physical, emotional, and mental well-being are not dependent on prayer alone. Our overall well-being also includes healthy living and informed practices. God is revealing more and more of His provision for healing and overcoming sickness – if we simply take the time to look and learn. But we must rightly “discern the body.”

Let a person examine himself, then, and so eat of the bread and drink of the cup. For anyone who eats and drinks without discerning the body eats and drinks judgment on himself. That is why many of you are weak and ill, and some have died.

We have been instructed to examine ourselves before we appropriate the blood of Jesus. This means we need an honest assessment of our current condition. This doesn’t just apply to internal sins of offense, unforgiveness, or immoral practices. I believe it can also apply to our physical well-being. Scripture states that many are sick and dying because they do not rightly discern – examine – the body. 

I believe we need to be asking more questions before presuming we need more prayer. We need to make sure we have assessed our true condition before applying the particular treatment that God has in mind. This has both spiritual application as well as physical. Certainly the blood of Jesus is powerful and complete. But there is a part we also play in our long-term health. It is to this end that I share some spiritual insights along with some very practical information to arm you with more tools for your own warfare.

We need to take responsibility for our physical health and take a good look at our lifestyle and health practices. We need to consider root causes before just treating the symptoms. And we need to rightly judge what we are feeding on – literally.  This will not only impact our own health and well-being, but will aid in our effectiveness when praying for others and supporting those who are battling sickness and disease.

Please take the time to watch and consider the various resources I suggest for further study and research. It’s time we upgrade our warfare practices to include all aspects of our well-being. God desires to use us as conduits of His supernatural workings on the earth, but He needs our cooperation. We need to address our wholeness of spirit, soul, mind, and body if we are to receive the full healing that God intends. I pray you are encouraged and empowered in new ways, not only for your own health, but for those you minister to and pray for.

*In the video descriptions are numerous links to websites and resources for further study, prayer, and research. 

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Thank you for sharing all of this Wanda, I’m really encouraged. I have been dealing with inflammation and swelling in my fingers with arthritis and I’m allergic to anti-inflammatory drugs. I am also a big sweets lover. It feels almost impossible to give up sugar. I often wonder why God made sugar cane if it’s bad for us, but I know it’s the refined sugar. Any thoughts on healthy sweets, is there such a thing? I love your Godly wisdom, thank you!!

    1. High Fructose corn syrup is a factory created product that is made using industrial chemistry in an attempt to duplicate sugar. It contains some amount of poisons that are close to sugar, but are not sugar. They poison the sugar processing parts of your cells (mitochondria), and the fructose processing parts of your liver. After you have eaten a sufficient portion of these chemicals, and done enough damage, processing sugar will be very difficult.

      As a general rule, natural sugar consumption (table sugar) is less damaging than artificial chemicals in our food. I would recommend eating a diet of rice, potato, vegetables, meat, butter, natural oils in whatever portions you desire for a few weeks. Eliminate wheat, nuts, dairy (other than butter) and any packaged food that contains ingredients that have been modified or have chemistry names. After a few weeks of this, your body will be “cleaned” and you can try adding back one ingredient here and there to discover how they affect you.

      As a general rule, most people with joint problems are affected by wheat, dairy and chemical additives. Because the joint inflamation is immune system driven, you have to eliminate these thing completely. Cutting them back a little won’t help.

    2. Fruit. Fruit is the perfect alternative to sweets and sweet things. I am also on a journey to health and wellness and found this advice very helpful. Every time I have wanted something sweet I reach for fruit and eat as much as I like of it. Check out Mary-Ann Shearer at Whole World Well. She has an incredible testimony about how changing her diet literally saved her life and that of her family’s.

  2. Wanda, this was very encouraging. I struggled with kidney stones for a very long time- from my teenage years up to my 40’s. All the doctors did was tests. I then decided to change my diet. I went to totally plant based- no meat, fish, dairy, eggs. I have not had any stones or any health problems since then. I am now 73 and I was just to see a doctor because I needed blood work. I had not been to a doctor for about 30 years! I have also followed Dr. Ardis for the last 4 years. He is spot on. I am so glad that you have found healing. Thank you for all the good info! God bless you!

  3. Have you considered you may have a parasite that is addicted to sugar? Try a course of Ivermectin paste found at tractor supply. It may help you detox that parasite. Look on Dirt Road Discussions for great information

  4. In your YouTube video, you mentioned serrapeptase and not using it with other blood thinners. I believe garlic is a natural blood thinner, so checking against the interaction of serrapeptase and other supplements/foods would be important as you stated.

    Thank you for this video – blessings to you and your family –

  5. Thank you, Wanda. I’m encouraged that God has lead you to some of the same information that He lead me to. I am an RN who never bought into the COVID lies. I wanted to work in Hospice care in 2021 but it would have required taking experimental shots. I have become so disillusioned with allopathic medicine that treats symptoms and fails to look for causes. I am looking for a good Naturopathic doctor. I want also to recommend the many docuseries that Jonathan Otto creates. He has worked closely with Dr. Ardis for several years. Another good resource is Children’s Health Defense. They have a lot of concerning information about childhood vaccines. We cannot trust our three-letter agencies right now. God is exposing corruption and He will bring justice.

  6. I have been on a 5 plus year healing process from 2 concussions 6 days apart. God has grown me greatly through the process with three suddenly healings to some degree and lots of grow through healing. Part of the grow through healings were getting connected to alternative doctors including an OD, specialty chiropractors and a natural pathic doctor. All have helped me steward my body so that I can serve God in the gifts he has blessed me with.

    In addition, I serve in the agricultural industry from certified organic to high technology. There are many issues in our agricultural systems that impact life both positively and negatively.

  7. Everything you talked about Wanda is what I’ve been learning these last couple of years. I’m so encouraged to hear your message on this subject. Dr Ardis is brilliant. He’s definitely not a quack. Thank you for all of your helpful tips. I know the Lord has been speaking to me about changing our diet, and paying attention to what we are putting into our bodies. I’m hoping that my husband will benefit from your recommendations for sinus problems and tinnitus. I’m now more motivated about starting a container garden and making healthy changes in taking care of our bodies (Gods’ temples). It’s truly amazing how you touched on everything that I have been hearing, learning, thinking about and confirmation on what the Lord has been speaking to me. Thank you Wanda!

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