I see the Lord healing deep places of the soul. Hidden wounds long forgotten and unresolved hurts that have been left untended. There are those who have emotional pain festering in the inner reaches of the heart. Suffering and grief that needs to be released in order to receive the new wine to come. Now is the time, for there is a healing grace available to those who yield to this deep inner work of the Spirit. The Lord says it is time to heal the heart.

As the Holy Spirit led me into a time of prayer concerning this, He revealed an unexpected stronghold. An emotional blockade that has unknowingly gripped the souls of some who have experienced great trauma of the soul. It is a spirit of BETRAYAL, and it has pierced some hearts in order to annihilate all faith and hope in the goodness of God. 

This is more than just hope deferred or disappointment in unfulfilled promises. It is not even feeling abandoned or angry at the enemy. It is the feeling that God didn’t back us up. God Himself let us down. He betrayed our trust. What we thought He promised, never came to pass. What He led us to believe, never came to be. And for some, the protection we thought we had, was insufficient to shield us from attack. We were wounded. Deeply. And as much as we have tried to reason and understand, our emotions have continued to hibernate with the unanswered question – “God! Where were you?!”

This consideration seems almost sacrilegious. We know that God could never betray us. His nature and character are absolute love and absolutely perfect. He can do no harm and He can inflict no pain on those He loves. He is everywhere at all times and never turns His back on His own. And yet, for those whose hearts have been so pierced by this deadly arrow, the emotional backwash is real and the emotional toll is deep. Self-protection builds unseen walls and hardens our hearts towards any hope for something different, and we become skeptics concerning the promises of God, for we have been wounded – and the pain is real.

And yet, it is not Him.

This battle affects us more than we realize. Our spiritual adversary seeks to convince us that God cannot be trusted. There has been a collective war over our faith and if the devil cannot offend our minds he will pierce our hearts. Whether it’s people or circumstances that hurt us, he will ultimately direct the blame to God – the One who should have guarded us. As I continue to pray and seek the Lord for answers, He provides a greater truth to disempower this bait of betrayal. He reveals the source of this pain and the cause of this turmoil, for He wants to set hearts free. For all those inflicted, there is a greater revelation He speaks to the pain in our souls:

It is not I who have betrayed you. It is not My love that is wanting or My protection that is lacking. Nor is it My will to withhold My goodness or provision from you. Rather, it is your own concept of Me that has betrayed you. You think you know who I am and what I do. And yet, you do not fully know Me.

You have presumed much about me. You have presumed to know how I should work and move based on your current understanding of who I am. And yet, you are limited. It has been your own presumptions about Me that have betrayed you. I never lead you to a dead end, nor will I ever give you false hope. My promises for you will always be Yes and Amen.

Job fought the same battle (Job 38:1-2). Having to face great loss and pain, he too wondered if I had betrayed him. He too questioned My ways as he defended his innocence. But just as I answered him, so will I answer you. You do not yet know who I truly Am. You do not yet fully comprehend the expanse of My plans for your good or My passionate desire for your well-being. You are not yet fully aware of all that is transpiring in and around you. You do not yet see how My hand and My heart have been championing your race and contending for your gladness of heart.

Do not allow the enemy to rob you of your simple trust in Me. Do not let this spirit of betrayal embitter your soul and defeat your spirit. Do not allow the hole in your heart to speak louder than My voice. I have always been here and I will never betray your trust. I will never leave you to your enemies or abandon you to self-destruct. You are stronger than you know and I have given you everything you need to be free and whole.

Release any thoughts of betrayal and refuse to listen to distortions of truth. Let go of your disappointment and allow Me to give you new eyes and new ears with which to perceive the extent of My plans for your good. I will never let you down. I will never hold back or withhold My perfect love for you. My ways are not your ways and your thoughts are still limited in comprehension. Give me your broken heart so I can heal it. Open your soul to My presence and allow Me to flood it with a greater revelation of Who I truly Am.

For those who bear witness to this word, you will know it is time, for your emotions are right at your door. The Holy Spirit has brought them before you so you can find freedom and wholeness. Surrender to His direction and release that which has been waiting for resolution. Disappointment will give way to hope, and betrayal will give way to renewed trust. He will transform all your pain into trophies of grace. That which was designed to bring you down will be used to raise you up. For the Lord declares, “Betrayal has tried to take you, but I have come to restore you.”

Then Job answered the LORD and said: “I know that you can do all things, and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted. ‘Who is this that hides counsel without knowledge?’ Therefore I have uttered what I did not understand, things too wonderful for me, which I did not know. ‘Hear, and I will speak; I will question you, and you make it known to me.’ I had heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees you.

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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Thank you, Wanda. ❤️ I so respect your ministry, and how you have shared your testimonies from time to time; I had no idea about religious spirits, ETC. I’ve been on a long self-deliverance journey/process. God bless you, and your family, your church and ministry, and any guests that are brought to your YouTube channel (especially the most recent).🙌

  2. Thank you for this timely message. I read through it, then prayed through it for our. Like so many others, he has been wounded by disappointment and what seemed like betrayal. It’s true, the enemy has tried to deceive him into thinking God doesn’t hear his heart’s cries. I’m choosing to believe that the Lord’s plans and purposes for our son are to heal the trauma and bring restoration that’s right on time . . . Never too early and never too late. Thank you!!

  3. Thank you so much for this word Wanda I so appreciate it. I will read through it many times to get the full impact it is powerful and needed at this time.

    Thank You and blessing to you and your family. Regina D

  4. Wanda…this is truly beautiful ! and so “on target” ; thank you for your Wisdom and Understanding.

  5. This word could not be more timely. Thank you Wanda. In May 2023 I was deeply traumatized by my unsaved husband’s offenses at my first granddaughters wedding. Heart wound? Yes! I forgave my husband. Now I surrender to God’s direction and release that which has been waiting for resolution. Hope will follow! I receive the new wine all Glory to God!

  6. Wanda your word was the first thing I came to today after praying and getting a answer of direction from God,(this morning )your word was my confirmation of my deception because I got off track and the wrong way seemed more real than the right way , even though it was going to take me out of the battle I told myself God was in it. WHAT A LESSON!
    Thank you Wanda 🙏🙌

  7. Thank you, Wanda. My soul, definitely, bears witness to this. I read through it last night. And, just now, I read it again, out loud. I plan to read it again, many times. I remember my confusion regarding these things going back as far as B#sh and the war in Iraq. I cried and begged God to not let it occur. I also cried and begged God to not allow Ob@m@ be elected. When it did occur, it felt as though a tangible evil began to permeate every part of our nation. When Tr+mp was elected, a beacon of hope was handed to us. But the revelations that have been given since the 2@2@ election have been almost unbearable…especially in regard to children. Last Fall, when Israel was attacked, I became depressed. I’ve not battled depression for many years. But that event was a tipping point. Coinciding with that was the IHOPKC revelation, which touches our family indirectly. I can take anything, if I know He loves us, is for us, and is good. But I have been confused by all of these events. I’ve not felt His closeness as I once did, since Ob@m@‘s placement. Your word is tremendously helpful and breaths life-giving hope. I still do not understand why so many have been subjected to unbearable pain and suffering. I have close family who decided to take that j@b early on…what are the long term results? I want to believe He will supernaturally heal the injured and that He will get all of the credit. In the meantime, we pray and enter into that rest. And we also pray He will provide hope so that our hearts will not grow sick in the midst of deference.

    1. Thank you for sharing. We go through a similar experience. Please watch Elijah Streams with Steve Shultz and Flashpoint with Gene Bailey. (We watch on Rumble with NO censorship ). These are mighty people who bring powerful prophetic messages of Gods plans with His great love and peace! We pray for the whole Trump family every day and include them and others like him in our daily communion service.
      Much love ❤️ to you and your family!
      Robert and Ruth Hafford

  8. Wanda I am in this place and so needed to hear this word. I had to print it off so that I could read it over and over to remind me how much God loves me and I can trust Him. Often I have asked God where are you! My faith is strong but I still needed to express my emotions to my God. Thank you for sharing God’s revelation of His truth to all of us.

  9. God never answers “Why?” On the cross Jesus cried, “My God, My God, Why…?” No answer. “Why?” is a question of motivation. God’s motivation is always His great love for me–even and especially when I don’t understand because of my hurt. My head knows, but heart is still learning. Thank you so very much Mrs. Alger. You are a treasure. Shalom.

  10. Wanda, I’m so happy to hear a message that represents some of the deeper traumas that many in church have suffered from. Unspoken grief is perpetuated to feelings of betrayal and forsakenness by pastors who sweep things under the rug, not taking care of their sheep because they may not understand that level of pain. In our counseling practice, we help people heal from such traumas and wish churches would look to trained trauma specialists to gain a language or at least partner with us to help them. The world shouldn’t be doing better at this than the church. I truly believe that mature stewardship of God’s glory is linked to understanding and being acquainted with the sufferings of those deeply wounded by abuse, especially in childhood. The “restoration of all things” will come as the church takes that mountain responsibly so his glory can rest on such sufferings. I would love to talk more on this topic if possible.

    1. Dear sister Christine… Your reply to this post was riveting to me. You speak a language about the things that I have sought and studied on my own through books for many years. I have prayed for connection to people like this as the church is without help for the trauma-wounds that christians carry. I am one of them and I have come a great distance. I feel called to this…but I cannot give what I have not first received. This post from Wanda had me in tears for the pinpoint accuracy I felt reading it. Is there any ministry outlet for training or support that you can offer? I cried that God could send a message of such accuracy to me from 2000 miles away because He sees me and wants to bring His healing and hope to my heart and the hearts of others! Your reply has encouraged me.

  11. Thank you Wanda for listening to God. This message from Him has sure blessed me this morning! WOW I feel so much better and closer to God !!

  12. This is a timely reveal to me, thank you so much, my beautiful sister and servant of the most High, may the healing warmth of Papa always flow over and through you! 🕊️❤️🎶!

  13. Wanda,
    Thank you for listening to God. This has come at a time when our family has come under strong spiritual battles similar to what you faced. We know nothing is a coincidence with God. So thank you for listening and posting at the right time for us. The words you wrote we will hold up in prayer for our son. May God be glorified and praised, and may we all continue to stand strong and firm in the faith.

  14. Thank you for providing sound Words of Wisdom. I live in the UK and regulary read your posts. I am so grateful to have found a God fearing Teacher of the meat of the Word. Indeed you are anointed and appointed to bring correction and balance to the body of Christ. Christ did us warn in the Book of Revelation of the Laodicean Church age of apostacy and lukewarmness.

    Your messages seem to confirm what the Lord is doing in my personal life. Just last week at my Cell Group, I was inspired to share the fact God hates mixture and lukewarmness in the Church. The lack of Biblical Discernment in the body of Christ is apparent: subtle and sometimes blatant mingling of truth with error; rationalising of sin; tolerating religious spirits Jezebel & Kundilini in Mega Churches; teachings seem to align with Motivationational Self-Centred TED Talk speakers, New Age, Prosperity Gospel etc.

  15. Wanda, thank you for this Word! I hate to admit it but I have tried to ignore my feelings about the Lord letting me down I felt on several occasions over the years and just wept when I read this! I definitely need to talk to Him honestly about my feelings and allow Him to heal this in me. I believe in my head that God is and will be faithful to His promises to me but at this point, because of the times I feel He hasn’t answered my prayers or His promises yet, I am loosing the confidence I once had. Blessings! Sherry

  16. I listened to “Betrayal” just a few minutes ago and this is exactly where I am. Working through things I thought were long gone. Also, a dear young woman I know is in a struggle with past hurts as well. I’m getting us each a copy of the book so we can pray the prayers and should things continue to come up we are ready. Thank you so much for this message. Sometimes because of our age or in your case, your ministry people can think we’ve it all together. But God is changing us from glory to glory for His glory.

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