I believe we are going to revisit Masonic curses in the days ahead. The demonic agendas that seek to destroy nations are rooted in this ancient witchcraft. So many ties are formed – most of them unknowingly through the generations. And many of us have inherited these strongholds without realizing their poison.
I have personally experienced deliverance from numerous Masonic curses – all through words of knowledge in dreams. Interestingly, mine were not connected through my ancestors but through unknown alignments and agreements made with buildings, associations, and organizations that were infected by Freemasonry.
And because Masonic curses are formed through COVENANT, it is only through God’s covenant that they can be broken. First through the blood of Christ, but then also in covenant with other believers (Luke 22:19-20).
By and large, the Church knows little of covenant relationship. We shun anything that calls for commitment or inconvenience. Due to disappointments and unmet expectations many have walked away from “church” and thus isolated themselves from any meaningful fellowship. Some even announce this as some sort of victory, not realizing the immense fracture in the collective witness, influence, and authority. For though we may rightly disavow dead religious institutions and man-made ministries, we still must seek the true fellowship of believers that Christ died for.
Unfortunately, the enemy knows full well the power of covenant. There are dynasties and ruling families that have called the shots around the world for generations. They have made covenants with demons and accessed spiritual power through sorcery and mind control. Because of their godless agreement to destroy God’s seed, their unity has unleashed death and chaos for centuries. The only way they will lose their influence is through God’s people walking in true covenant authority.
In the days to come, I wouldn’t be surprised to find masonic covenants as a common thread in all the crime and corruption exposed. And my prayer is that, as believers, we rediscover the power of covenant within the Household of faith. Depending on the severity of what’s to come, we are going to need each other like never before. No doubt God will use whatever the enemy does to draw us together into a revelation of covenant. More than just oneness in the Spirit, it will be a commitment to walk together, no matter what. A commitment to fulfill our commission regardless of the cost. In so doing, we will see demonic covenants broken once and for all.

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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Some churches are aligned with Freemason and the members of the church are in agreement.
    I have been aware of this demonic activity for years.
    I have been abused by the
    elders because of Jesus Christ in me. My hands have been crushed in pretend handshakes. The light in me made them angry. Needless to say I never went back. I am closer to God than I have ever been and I don’t attend these “woke evil churches”. I don’t want to attend “country club”…..
    PS the world is not run by children, it is run by adults.

  2. The Baptist denomination is a stronghold here in Texas. In my studies I learned that both the First Baptist church in Dallas and the First Baptist church in Fort Worth were founded in Masonic lodges!! Back in the 1880s! They met in Masonic lodges!!!😳. Also the founders of the SW Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth were high level Freemasons! No wonder I was miserable in the Baptist church when I was young! I am also repenting, renouncing and breaking off ties..being in Baptist church as a teenager!

  3. Also I notice how Baptist churches and other churches have high back chairs up on the podium….i always felt off about those chairs! And now know why!!! They have those same style chairs in Masonic lodges.

  4. A few years ago, I read a book by a brother in Christ. In it he wrote that the members of the Masonic temples are so deceived into believing that they are doing good deeds, and that they don’t get the truth until the 33rd Degree when they are inducted into the final degree: that’s when they are introduced to the satanic. That’s when they realize that they have been serving Satan all along.

  5. Is there any connection between the Bohemian Club and Freemasons? The B Club has an opening ceremony that has a sacrificial fire to burn all their stresses. I know they are secretive and exclusive…. men only.
    Thank you

  6. Thank you, I’m working on deliverance from Freemasonry. Mine is 12 generations of ancestors and closed was my dad, grandfather, and great great grandfather and on….all being 33 degree. My grandmother Easter Star, my mom and myself Rainbow.
    As my deliverances go I have seen so many lies, illnesses, thrives, death, mental and so on from this horrifying occult. I have been bless to know Jesus came to me as a child, and protected my heart and soul. Saved at 21 and filled in the Holy Spirit and baptized in the Holy Spirit.

  7. I don’t see where the PDF is, and feel strongly about coming against this spiritual demonic stronghold. Thank you for speaking about this, and blessings continue over you and your loved ones, in Yeshua Messiah, Yve Evans

  8. Thank you, Wanda, for all of this information. I believe it is helping me to understand why many of my prayers have not been answered. My husband had an aunt in his life whose husband was a Freemason. She actually gave my husband his Freemason ring, which we in turn eventually threw away. I also inherited some Hummels (collectable figurines) that were hers. I’m wondering if I should be throwing those away as well.
    Thank you and blessings,

  9. Hi Wanda, I have a question for you. When i was around 15 or 16 years old, i found a knights templar pendant in some mud, after a rain. I was surprised and elated that i had found something of value because it was made of real gems and gold. For years i thought that it represented good, but as of more recently i have found out otherwise. I still have it put away in a drawer. Even though i never made an oath, could i be cursed in some way for just possessing it? Please let me know. What can i do with it…

  10. Hello Wanda, and thank you for posting your video on the subject. I and my Bible study leader are going through a series of clearing prayers, and doing the work to break this curse from our lives. The question I have for you is how effective is intercessory prayer for family members? My two older brothers, who are not exactly committed believers, are obviously affected by our father’s involvement in Masonry, but convincing them is another story. I will, of course, pray for them, and their families; but is this an issue that each individual needs to address with their own faith and repentance?

  11. I am just now responding to this thorough study on freemasonry. Your study has helped me find answers to demonic ties of churches and community leaders and even funeral home directors and law enforcement in the small town in GA I was born. I will refer again and again to your study and share with others. It was shocking to see all the organizations that are off-shoots of freemasonry and very rampant in my hometown. We have about 6,400 or so in the town city limits and and around 20,000 in my county. We are totally infested with rampant drug usage, vape with high THC, etc. etc. Thankfully, the current police force is being led by a chief of police who is born again. His leadership has made a great difference in this community. We also have a very strong sheriff and law enforcement working with the police force. Our current judicial system is getting better but needs a lot of work there. Thank you for your diligent work that our Lord has given you to do!!!!

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