There is a call on your life that will affect destinies. The voice of Him who speaks is calling out your name. Do you recognize His sound? Can you hear Him beckoning you to come closer? There are other voices drawing you to themselves and promising grandeur and greatness, but they are imitations and shadows of something higher. Do not fall for their pitch, for they are distractions and distortions of the God-given potential within you.

The direction you seek can only be found in answering the higher call on your life. But you must settle who you are before you can hear the call. It is only when you settle your identity first – who you are, in Him – that you will clearly hear the call and walk with purpose and power. It is only when you are willing to be set apart that you will discover that which you were created for.

Behold, I have come to do your will, O God, as it is written of me in the scroll of the book.

You have been created to move mountains. You carry seed that has been born of heaven that can transform the earth. Thus, there is a war over your call. You must be prepared to contend for that call, for the enemy seeks forfeiture. He will appeal to your flesh but will leave you with a bowl of soup instead of the feast your Father intends. You must know that there is a price for the journey ahead.

There is no call without a cost. There is no reward without a reckoning. In your search for meaning, you must count the cost of that which is your portion and your promise. The scroll that has been written for you has not come cheaply.

I see a battle between that which is convenient and that which is consecrated. For those with a high call on their life, a war is raging over your response. Seducing voices promote comfort and self-fulfillment, but the Spirit is calling for those who dare to lay down their lives and sacrifice for a greater cause. It is only in dying to self that you will find the power to move forward. It is only in sanctifying your desires that your heart can rightly lead you.

For those who heed the call, know that your journey will not be one of easy access or sudden promotion. To say “Yes,” you will be misunderstood, rejected, and ostracized by those who cannot see where you’re headed. To take the higher road may require some pruning of both friends and the familiar. It will require hard choices, times of isolation, and seeming setbacks. But know that the toll that is required for your journey will give you access to an inheritance that will far outlive you and a testimony that will endure time.

You have been created with the capacity for greatness. Do not fall for cheap imitations of success. Do not look for a fast track to fulfillment. Dare to be different. Dare to walk away from the crowd and pioneer something new. Do not settle for lesser crowns but press in and press on for the greater reward.

If you are a part of this coming generation of history makers and world changers, determine your course. Settle your identity and determine the cost of the high calling on your life. Know that your mark will not be made without being set apart. Convenience and comfort may soothe the soul and pacify the flesh, but consecration of those who set themselves apart will unleash anointing and power to birth movements and transform nations.

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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Thank You Elohim for your words.
    I had just started to write about my identity in Christ Jesus Yeshua. Who I am in my roles and calling when I thought to check my email and opened the link and began to read through this word.
    Thank you Wanda

  2. This is so my season right now! Thank you! God had me change churches after I was prophesied that I am called to teach and have been struggling with my mentoring. This gave me the boost I needed.

  3. Such a subtle temptation “self-fulfillment” finding the true “self” That true self is “found” by letting it die. Mind blowing actually.

  4. Ty for this word. A timely message similar to what I feel to communicate to my son’s you have said so much more. My son’s and their best friend. I feels for them. They have been battling addiction. I homeschooled but when they were in their teens I began to lose my hearing and the cost of hearing aids more than what we could afford. I recently received soul healing I didn’t know I needed and am wondering if my son’s need same. I attended a women’s breakfast years ago when my first born was about 6 or 9 months old went forward for prayer and she began prophecying over him, to his generation. My other son has gift of healing and giving and has prophesied a man’s healing. We’ve gone through much . They have been living in a camper for a couple of year’s with no power or water and they have not complained.They have skills that can be used for the kingdom the oldest want to have gardens a and animals and the youngest is a builder and wants to build self sustaining homes for the homeless. I believe God can set them free to serve.
    I taught them many biblical truths but feel they need to apply warfare scripture s. Have printed those warfare scripture and seeing the results already in our town and state. 2 or more Declare those scriptures and those of Dutch and Tim Sheets as we drive around community every morning and hoping others will join . Our Local paper had three articles that were directly related to our prayers!

    1. Dear Lynn, you are a survivor, with skills that could probably help many people. Well done for teaching your boys Scriptural truths. The Lord will bring them to their minds when they need them. Would you be able to post the Scriptures on here? Are we allowed to do so? I would appreciate a copy o them. God bless you and your family. He who called you is Faithful! xx

    2. I can understand your struggles. My 4th brother David is struggling with addiction, while the oldest brother struggles with alcoholism. The 2nd brother is blind, but Father has shown us that He will heal him here in my home (Fl). He lives in Texas. My 3rd brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and as you can imagine, our family has struggled.
      All my brothers are suffering from RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa and are gradually loosing their vision.
      My second brother is the only one that is saved and has received the baptism in the Holy Spirit.
      My sister and I are saved and filled with the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. We both struggle with depression. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, among other issues.

      I will be praying for your sons. They must have a high calling on their lives for the enemy to hit them with addictions. Your gift of intercession is making a mighty difference as you continue to pour into their lives.

  5. Thank You Wanda! What a deep and beautiful word! There are moments when I feel tired, and then comes a word to remind me, and it gives me strength, always at the right time! Thank You Lord for your mercy and strength!

  6. Awesome and timely. Thank you for the price you’ve had to pay and your obedience. Keep on keeping on to the Glory of His high calling!

  7. Powerful word. Thank you for sharing!
    I also wanted to say thank you for your post about Russell Brand. Christians are a funny people (me included of course!) We pray and pray for the lost to find Jesus and when they begin to turn to the Lord, we doubt them and “sabotage” their pursuit of God. I have known people to pray the sinner’s prayer and then slowly change their habits, remove old friends, and make better choices. It takes time for some. They had to be convicted that what they were doing was wrong and desire to not do it anymore. May the Ekklesia give grace. We have been told that a large harvest is coming. Are we prepared to make disciples? That is OUR job per Jesus. We are called to help guide people deeper in the Lord (like what you do for us) so why are we expecting people to become instant “super Christians”? I have been on my spiritual journey to the heart of Jesus for several decades and I am still learning, maturing and growing. I need to give that same grace to others.
    Thank you for being an example of what we are called to do.

  8. Thank you, Wanda Alger, for the word our Lord had you prophesy today. I received every word, and these ladies who responded today are all awesome!!!!!

  9. I remember well the call at mission’s camp to come forward only if you were willing to lay down everything to serve the LORD. I went forward & would again. Only a hand full dared to accept the challenge, however, this one WOULD do it again in spite of how quickly the dark forces lifted their ugly agendas towards us.


  10. Such a confirmation regarding counting the cost, consecration, dying to self, humility, and my identity in Yeshua. Regarding friends, I have none. My husband is my only friend.
    We’re leaving the messianic congregation as per the Lord and moving to a church. After 30 years in the desert and cave dwelling, we’ve gotten our marching orders.

    Thank you for this wonderful and inspiring word.

    Shalom in Messiah Yeshua

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