In recent weeks, I have felt the overwhelming presence of the Lord and His great love for the Bride. His tangible presence has been on the increase and I sense His determination to make Himself known…

Your spiritual adversary has been causing sensory overload. Aiming to short circuit your soul and spirit, the enemy has tried to overwhelm your senses with negative input in hopes of shutting down your ability to perceive My presence. He knows what’s coming and is desperate to stop it.

I am about to come closer than ever before. I’m about to awaken love. The love for My Bride is such that I must touch her and let her know I am here. My passion has been aroused. So many are discouraged and worn down through the warfare. My Bride must know how much I love her. Not for her works or acts of service. I love My Bride because of her heart and steadfast devotion to Me.

My love compels Me to draw nearer. The enemy has known this and has sought to defile love. He has sought to contaminate holy affection. The physical abuses suffered by many in My Body have been perpetuated by this scheme of the enemy to harden hearts and destroy the capacity for love. I long to heal these hearts and restore the purity of My love and affection.

I am coming closer to touch you and let you know I am real. Some are already feeling My presence in greater measure and this will increase. Tangible manifestations of My presence will dispel your doubts and My love will be felt as you step away from the overload and let Me in. Clear out the clutter in your minds and let Me move in and overshadow your spirit, soul, mind, and body so that you can be whole.

Though the enemy tries, he will not succeed in shutting you down. You were made to receive the full extent of My love. It is My unwavering passion for You that will override the disappointments of the past and awaken your senses to that which is pure love. Set your heart, for a divine romance is about to commence.

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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Amén Dear Sister!

    He has been revealing himself to me in a very loving way!! His touch is sweeter than ever!

    Very Best,

    Jessica Gallagher 😊

  2. Thank you so much for this message. I know that He loves us more than anything , and I want so much to be in His presence and know I am. This is just conformation . Thank you

  3. This has been yet another difficult season… Attacks from places that I never expected there to be attacks. Keeping my eyes focused on Jesus has become my primary source of comfort, understanding, and strength.
    Thank you Wanda, for the encouragement that I can anticipate even more of his comforting presence.

  4. Such a timely word for my life and I know in many other’s lives. I am expectant for more of His loving affection to be seen and felt in my life. Again, thank you.

  5. I’ve experienced his presence in such comforting way thank you for the hope that we have.

  6. This is a total conformation, of my time with the Lord Jesus, this morning. I needed this special hug and touch in my spirit, that the good shepherd, is close to and ministering love to his flock. May we all stay in tune with his heart, then we will not believe the cries of the enemy.

  7. This beautiful word from Yeshua could not have come at a better time. I am usually very upbeat and encouraging others and myself, but this morning I felt such despair, pain and weariness. It has been a long, hard season, BUT GOD!!!!! The Lord speaks to the WWPs every Moed Wednesday on two prayer calls with Dr. Billye Brim and Pastor Max Irhyam. This call sustains me for the next week. Come join. Info at

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