In music, tones comprise of frequencies and sound waves. In order to be “in tune,” a musician must tune their instrument to a standard (440hz) in order to emit a pure and vibrant sound (432 was the original standard). All musicians must be tuned to the same standard in order to be in tune and in harmony with each other. If one musician is off, even slightly, the frequencies are disrupted and the resulting sound waves are distorted, and the musicians are not in tune. There is not “one sound,” but multiple sounds with multiple sound waves and frequencies.

On the other hand, when two musical tones are sounded at the exact same frequency, their “unity” is compounded. Their unified sound is actually amplified many times over. It’s called “resonance,” as they “re-sound” the same tone with exponential volume. That sound reverberates in the atmosphere. The resulting echo is such that if one of the tones is dampened or muffled, the other tone continues to “re-sound” without even being touched. It is this resonance that musicians seek if they are to sound “as one” and in harmony with one another.

May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This resonance of sound is a powerful illustration of the oneness of spirit we can have as believers in Christ. The Holy Spirit is our standard for oneness as we come into His presence and tune our hearts to His. This will often require humbling ourselves and ridding our hearts and minds of any thought or attitude that is opposed to His. Even the smallest offense can distort our perception and render us “out of tune” with His intentions. But when we clear our thoughts and attitudes of anything that would be offensive to Him, our prayers have added weight and authority as we begin to speak from the mind of Christ and the heart of God.

It is this synchronization with the Father’s heart that gives us favor and exponential authority to speak to mountains and tear down strongholds. It’s not the content or length of our prayers that make this difference, but the tuning of our spirit that gives us access (1 John 5:14-15). It is this same dynamic that will affect our oneness of spirit with each other. It is this same need for a pure sound of being one in the Spirit that will determine the weight and authority of our collective witness and prayers.

There are principalities and powers hovering over regions, territories, and entire nations. These “principle spirits” affect everyone under their domain. These demonic strongholds can restrict and limit breakthroughs – not only corporately, but individually. I believe there are many whose healing and breakthrough has been delayed – not due to any personal lack of faith or persevering prayer – but because there are territorial principalities blocking the way. The breakthroughs that many individuals are hoping for can only come when there is a corporate sound of authority that rises to displace these ruling demonic strongholds.

Our default in determining “agreement” in prayer has usually been based on strategies, insights, passion, or common goals. We have hoped by simply coming together and saying the same prayers or declaring the same promises that breakthrough will come. And yet, if we do not recognize the sound that we carry, both personally and collectively, we are falling short of what oneness in the Spirit actually means. We will miss the key component of what gives us corporate authority in prayer.

If we are not “in harmony” with each other, there will be no resonance in the spirit – no amplified authority to override the opposition’s static. It is only when we deal with the issues of our heart that true oneness can happen. It is only when we humble ourselves before each other and lay our hearts bare that we will begin to emit the frequency of true unity. We may not agree on every detail of our assignment, but by surrendering ourselves in mutual submission, we are synchronizing our hearts and re-sounding the Father’s heart. I believe it is this SOUND of ONENESS that will eventually displace regional and national principalities and bring our long-awaited breakthroughs.

A powerful example of this is given by James Kawalya, an ex-satanist who used to take down pastors and churches through occultic powers. He tells of John Mulinde, a humble pastor and teacher in the nation of Africa. He was known to have a powerful sound in the spirit because of the agreement he had nurtured among believers in his region (listen to the testimony here, starting around 1:14:00.) Through his consistent practice of establishing altars of worship and prayer throughout his nation, a network had formed with corporate authority in the spirit – and a resulting sound.

Kawalya said that when Mulinde ministered, there was such a oneness in the spirit among his followers, his voice became a conduit of unity and echoed throughout the heavens. Their oneness in spirit re-sounded with such authority and power, satanists within a twenty-mile radius could not even function. They were told to leave the territories where he ministered, otherwise they could die. Kawalya even went so far as to say Mulinde operated like a principality. His voice became the principle spirit in that region – thus nullifying any opposing powers of darkness!

I believe it is this kind of sound that must arise among the priesthood of believers. Even as opposing forces seek to distort frequencies and altar the atmosphere through demonic schemes, the Ecclesia must rise up in a true oneness of Spirit to nullify their power. It is not about numbers or leadership clout. It is not about the length of our fasts or the size of our gatherings. It is about our attitudes of humility and honor towards one another. It is about ridding our thoughts and perceptions of anything that is disrupting our oneness with the Spirit. It is about establishing a holy standard by which we gauge our unity and direct our prayers.

We need to assess the sound coming from our own spirit. We need to assess our oneness in the Holy Spirit as we seek breakthrough together. We need to examine what our unity is based on and pursue a harmony of the Spirit that overrides the distortion of enemy forces.

I pray we learn to synchronize our hearts together so that with one voice we can shatter demonic strongholds and territorial spirits. I pray we learn the true essence of being one in the Spirit and become a symphony of sound in the heavens. May we become a Kingdom principality in the land and a life-altering sound that reverberates in the spirit for generations to come. 

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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. This teaching reverberates with me as I once was a member of a symphony orchestra. If someone was “out of tune” or “off beat” it affected the entire ensenble.
    No wonder Jesus says in John 17:11, “… Holy Father, keep them in your name, which you have given me, that they may be one, even as we are one.”
    Thank you for sharing the insight Wanda!

  2. Wanda,
    I thank you for your deep desire for oneness in the Spirit, and deligently seeking His presence above all else. It is June 6th, and I just finished listening to your Teaching on June 3rd. You had made a comment about I believe we (I was thinking you were talking about Crossroads) are making ripples in the Spirit, and I want to say, yes, you are…I am in Texas, and I get so much out of yours, and Bobby’s teachings. I really can hear that the inner walls have been broken. This is something that is really lacking in the Body, especially hear in America, I confess, I have been lacking in my own intentiallity to connect deeper in Spirit and be intuned with God and His presence and what He is saying, I truly want to hear what He has to say. I thank God, for the anointing of the gentle conviction that he brings out through you. I see you as a Mother over tis nation. I have been pre-occupied in my comfort, thinking about what “I want”. Thank you again. I really desire a deep connection with the Body. Yes, my desires have been self seeking. I do want to come back to my First Love. I have been tested and realizing the idolatires I have before the Lord. I thank God for His refining Fire….I had gone through breaking free from Religious, Jezabel, & Leviathan spirits, twice….I feel I get more breakthough going through them. Bless you, and pray the Lord will keep you strong in Him, that He continue to protect you and guide you, give you wisdom, and more clarity in the Spirit. I pray His protection over the whole congregation, and you are becoming a light onto the world. I pray that the convemant prayers that you (personally, & corprately) will continue to be strenghtened and tested, and proven true. May you continue to be found faithful in His eyes. Bless you and Crossroads, and whereever the Lord would have you go. Amen.

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