Fear God and keep His commandments, because this applies to every person. For God will bring every act to judgment, everything which is hidden, whether it is good or evil.

The cleansing continues as God purifies His house. He has told us it was coming. And yet, the depth and breadth of His work is now proving to be more than we anticipated. The fire in His eyes is not just penetrating the public square and those who outwardly oppose Him. The fires of purification are reaching into His own as He stirs the very fear of the Lord we have been asking for.

We have prayed for exposures of crime and corruption in our governments and stood for justice in our courts. We have not been surprised at the duplicity in many public figures and those we have known to be pretenders and posers. But when it has come to the pulpits of America, we have fallen short in our perceptions. We have not fully understood the righteous standard expected for those who claim a right to speak for the King.

We have only recently begun to learn that spiritual gifts  are not synonymous with favor or blessing. We have had to acknowledge that gifts of power are not signs of approval. Where once we may have exclaimed, “But God, look at all the miraculous healings and supernatural signs that accompany this ministry” we now realize – NO ONE is exempt. Where we have justified wrongdoing because of prophetic anointing or mass appeal, we have been humbled. We are learning that NO ONE is exempt from examination and testing. No gift or provision will ever compensate for a compromised heart and no earthly reputation will ever atone for unconfessed sin or evil deeds done in the darkness.

On that day many will say to Me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and cast out demons in Your name, and do many mighty works in Your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’

God is serious about His standard and the fires of purification have been lit…and are spreading. The resolve of His response in this unprecedented time of exposures is refuting all our claims.

“But God, look at the years of impact and influence in the Body of Christ!”

 NO ONE is exempt.

“But God, look at the fruit of their message and the increase of souls for the Kingdom!”

 NO ONE is exempt.

“But God, what about all the good they have done…..”


The ongoing revelations of sin in the camp will continue. The unsettling news of favored ministers found lacking and fruitful ministries found corrupt, will continue. This is what the fear of the Lord looks like. The purifying fires of His Spirit are accomplishing the very work we have been praying for – fasting for. It is the fire of His holiness that is burning through any and every work of man that is of the flesh and not of the Spirit. These fires show no favoritism or partiality and will be thorough and complete. That which is required to hold and steward the coming outpouring of His glory must be proven. Only those vessels who have stood faithful to His righteous standard will have the proper capacity to champion the coming days of Glory and Power.

But lest we think these fires will only sweep over pulpits and platforms, know that these same fires are going to the pews. For the compromise and sin being uncovered is not limited to deeds of darkness and immoral acts among leaders. That which is being examined and tested ultimately goes to the heart of every soul. It is the condition of the heart which is being probed and purged. It is the thoughts and meditations behind every hidden motivation that must be tested. It is the entire House that is being sanctified and prepared for what is to come.

Now if anyone builds on this foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw, each one's work will become clear; for the Day will declare it, because it will be revealed by fire; and the fire will test each one's work, of what sort it is.

We must guard our hearts in response to these fires. We cannot allow pain from the past or bitterness against man to defile the process. Where the enemy seeks to burn and destroy, God’s fire brings redemption and freedom.  Where the enemy seeks to nullify our authority and defame His Bride, God looks to transform His House into a holy priesthood with unmatched authority.

As we walk through the fires, may we remember the purpose for which they are sent. They are not unto punishment, but unto life. They are not unto vindication, but unto a people who have passed through the fires and come through as gold.

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Picture of Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


27 Responses

  1. Prayers of release of shame for the victims, and prayers of true, deep, complete repentance for the perpetrators. Prayers for those of us who listened, watched, and read materials from these sin-compromised pastors to not become dismayed in our journey, but rather draw closer to Jesus.

  2. The deep recesses of the heart that God sees, and no man; that is where Holy Spirit wants to reside, but it must be a clean heart. We, from the smallest to the greatest in man’s eyes, are under His telescope. The cleansing will begin in His house, in His people. Lord, let us examine our hearts daily so we may come forth as gold.

  3. In regard to Robert Morris, if the man did repent and get right and was forgiven … like King David, and the Lord forgives … like King David, are we to judge Gods forgiveness and reinstatement? Do we really understand God’s grace? Are our sins really really removed as far as the east is from the west? Does America deserve restoration because of our sins even though confessed by a remnant? Maybe this lesson about Robert Morris is about God’s forgiveness, not a woman’s vengence. Jim Baker repented and was reinstated … God used Billy Graham and Rick Joyner to help him recover. This is about repentance, forgiveness, Gods mercy … otherwise our nation would have no hope of restoration … sins much worse than Robert Morris.

    1. This is so true — the Pastor repented and submitted to his elders and went through counseling and ministry. Then reinstated
      He has always been honest about his past when he preaches -that’s a humble man. This was 35 years ago or longer. Was he forgiven?
      The Lord forgives do we. I am in PRAYER about this.

      1. Your thoughts were my initial thoughts, as well. However, the challenge here is that this was a 4-year long assault on a minor. It was not only immoral, but illegal. And Morris, in subsequent years, described this relationship with a “young lady” not a child – and not all his elders knew the full truth. So, there are some troubling issues here that complicate the matter. Yes, I believe in the power of redemption and believe God can totally heal and transform. The issue was that he was reinstated to the pulpit with spiritual authority over the church – biblically, he was already disqualified for this. It’s just sad that it’s now come out after so many years of seemingly powerful and effective ministry.

        1. This isnt an argumentative question, but honestly its one for my personal understanding of scripture. In regards to being reinstated with spiritual authority over a church – that biblically he was already disqualified. What does the Bible say about things like this and being in ministry. I know we all fall short and God redeems us and uses us in ministry. In this case, with a 12 year old, which is so wrong on so many levels, – is there certain “sin” that would disqualify us from ministry? Tx – Love your words.

        2. In 1 Timothy 3:1-7 qualifications are set for “overseers” in the church. This would mean anyone given any kind of oversight or spiritual authority, be it an elder or fivefold minister. One of the qualifications is to “be above reproach.” It reiterates this idea when it later mentions to be thought well of by outsiders so as to not “fall into disgrace.” Even when gross sin is repented of, that minister may be redeemed and transformed on a personal level, but his/her ability to lead will be greatly diminished. It’s simply a reality. When a leader has fallen, it will always leave some doubt in people’s minds that it could happen again. And obviously, the greater the sin, the more doubts will hover (being a one-time incident is a lot different than several years of habitual sin). It is a high standard, yes, but if God’s leaders are to operate at their full capacity with the greatest amount of spiritual authority, honor, and blessing, it requires a life pattern of truth and integrity. If they can’t do it, it doesn’t mean they can’t use their gifts, but not at that level of spiritual authority over the church.

        3. Yes. Such good words, Wanda. I’ve been watching & listening to you for a couple of years now. What an incredible blessing you are. Thank you for speaking truth so clearly. May the Lord continue to use you mightily, in Jesus’ name. With much love & appreciation.

        4. Thank you, Wanda, for sticking with the facts here. It was whitewashed by calling the victim “a young woman”, instead of saying that a crime against a child was committed and covered up for decades. That’s not what I would call true repentance.
          May God continue to give you wisdom in all matters!

    2. Hmmm…I wonder, though, if we can fully accept this charge. I am very unfamiliar with this case, but I doubt it is just about him and his victim. There are questions and maybe because of my ignorance I am unaware of the answers. Was the victim given justice at the time of his repentance, or was his admittance only about an act(s) and not about the victim? Was he given church justice without taking this to the public courts-mandatory reporting is not new. When there is one underage victim, there are often more. We can be forgiving and accepting, but it doesn’t mean the person does not face justice (consequences). Sure the church gave their consequence, but as mentioned, Jim Bakker still went to prison. He paid his debt to man and likewise to the church. Whatever doors the Lord opens are His to do so.

      Men and women in ministry are people. They live in the same society we do. They have their own thorns, their own weaknesses, and their own troubles. Our aim, then, is to see them as examples of how to live for Christ working toward the High Mark, not being the high mark; working and functioning and living as we graduate from glory to glory, not being the glorified; presenting their lives as living sacrifices and praying they are holy and acceptable to the Lord-and when they are not, take the opportunity to share the struggle and pathway they took as they moved toward the goal.

      It’s good to wince when another leader is exposed, but it doesn’t mean the travail is over. We have much more work to do. There is no glamor in being a believer, and in that, being a pastor. The Lord is shattering the glamorizing of the church, not because He doesn’t want the kingdom to explode and expand its boarders, but because his idea of success is not the Western ideal of success. Period.

      It reminds me of the Indiana Jones series of movies. In one scene, the Knight Templar who waited for the “one” to find the Lord’s cup, was weak and feeble yet carried a determination for the job. Jones enters and decided that the Lord’s cup was not the most ornate, nor the most bejeweled, but the cup of a worker-a humble person who had just a cup.

    3. Anyone, including pastors, who rape a child, is a pedophile. Period. He only repented because he got caught… not because he was truly repentant. But even if he was, that doesn’t mean he gets restored to his ministry. There are consequences, just a King David paid consequences… the death of. a child

      1. My understanding is he did not have intercourse with the child. The phrase R*pe has been used in media (I’ve heard others say that) however; it wasn’t written or mentioned in the article about Mr. Morris. Until there’s more information or rather evidence regarding details I’d give grace and respect to what Mr. Morris has stated.

    4. I dont know anything about this situation except
      To say the child would never be the same when the young man took advantage- yes,she was a child and forever altered because of that sin. He may have repented, just as David, but the sins against our children will not go unnoticed by our Lord.

  4. This news letter is so true and to the point. Holiness has not been in the “temple” as-needed. Prayer was lacking. Yet, thank God, He reveals His Ways to His and we should SEE the urgency of this message. His Word in Spirit is SO much needed! The prayer warriors are appreciated and needful… more than what has been seen.

  5. Hi Wanda, I’m wondering if this “historic” heat wave is the outward sign of the fires of purification that will affect us all? From what I’ve heard, it’s been decades since we have had a heat wave this severe.
    Also, just as a matter of coincidence-I recently received some essential oils I ordered, and in the order was an oil I didn’t specifically order but was included, called ‘Purify’- I just thought it was interesting.
    Thank you for bringing forward these important words. No one is exempt. (and there will be no excuses either).

  6. A few more things to consider about Robert Morris (I know I sound like I am pleading his case 🙂) … one thing that stands out were his many outstanding testimonies in preaching and his books which sounds to me like God’s confirmation on him as a pastor … he is one of the best teachers out there … God’s hand seems to have been on this man those 35 years following … why would God suddenly now bring judgment? Doesn’t make sense. Our family has been so blessed by him. The young girl was 12 -16 during that ordeal… old enough to know what she was doing … not to exonerate Pastor Robert by any means … what he did was pretty bad … but apparently the family forgave him including the girl involved 🤔. But God has the final word on this … any words from the Lord on what He has to say? I am just saying that IF Robert Morris really repented way back and was reinstated and affirmed by the church AND the Lord, this becomes a test for the rest of us. If you look at King David who did far worse, you would think he would be disqualified … and it may not even seem fair that God did not follow the law and give him the death penalty for adultery AND murder … but King David repented for real (Ps 51) … and not removed as king! 🤔 … so many testimonies of God’s mercy from true repentance all through the scripture where we would probably disagree of God’s “unfairness” … my prayer is “Lord may Your people see this from your perspective … Lord help Robert Morris and Gateway church leadership hear what Holy Spirit says and know what to do” … thanks Wanda for letting me rant a little 🙂. I am one of your many fans!

    1. An underage child cannot legally consent to sex acts. And to put any responsibility on a 12 year old girl for anything done with a grown man who is physically much larger than her, is absolutely not OK. Frankly that’s far worse than blaming Bathsheba for what David did to her. (And God compared Bathsheba to a ewe lamb, the most innocent metaphor they had, and David as someone who devoured her. God exonerated Bathsheba and put the whole blame on David.)

      This man committed long-term CRIMINAL acts against a CHILD. He should have been turned over to the legal authorities.

      I don’t think that we can use the story of David to validate reinstating violent criminals into church leadership. (And yes, sex crimes of any kind, especially against minors, are violebt crimes.) First, David was a king, not a priest. Second, since David was the legal king, the only way to remove him from the throne was to kill him. He repented, and God restored him, but as a result of his sin there was significant violence in his own family. One son raped one of his daughters, and another son killed that son and later tried to take over the kingdom from David–who had to flee Jerusalem. It gets really ugly. While David’s story shows God’s grace, his story also shows how much damage can happen when a fallen leader, even one who’s repented, stays in a position of authority.

  7. First, to L.M. ….the lady has said that the night of the first encounter, he had her lay on the bed & inserted his fingers. She also stayed she was very naive and didn’t know that was wrong. You have to remember it was a different time than we are in. Children were much more “innocent”. Also she said that at 16 he attempted to force her, into the act, while in a car. This is what drove her to tell her parents what had been going on.

    Second, Lawrence…the woman said that a) several church leaders KNEW what he’d done and b) that her family forgave him because that’s what Christians do, BUT she clarified that her father did NOT support his return to the pulpit, and threatened him with harm, if he ever went near his daughter again.

    1. Robert Morris was very abused as a child himself. Not an excuse. If you consider what King David did, there is no comparison. Those who want to accuse Robert Morris now would have to reject King David also. I am so amazed the incredidible condemnation of believers towards Robert Morris … reminds me of the story of the woman caught in adultery … the angry mob wanted to stone her … but Jesus’ response was … “I don’t condemn you either” … I am wondering if this message is one of forgiveness and restoration … if the gifts and callings of God are irrevocable and the man did get right, then the fault is not with Robert Morris. Look at how God amazingly, abundantly blessed and confirmed him in the years since … doesn’t make sense that this “judgement” is Gods doing … otherwise grace isn’t grace, forgiveness becomes conditional, America could never be saved because of so much evil we have done. I am so heartbroken for Robert Morris … does anyone feel sad for him or does everyone want to stone him?

  8. One more thing … King David hid his sin until confronted by the prophet Nathan, but then he repented in Psalm 51 sufficient to receive God’s forgveness. He remained the king … should have been given the death penalty for murder and adultery. King David did suffer the loss of his 3 sons as a judgement against him. I don’t know the consequences Robert Morris has suffered because of what he did, but if he has truely repented years ago, then he is innocent before God today.

  9. Jesus has been revealing to me that I need to pray for Repentance unto Redemption. It puzzled me at first. What does that mean? My understanding thus far is repentance is an acknowledgement of my sin, I turn to Jesus to confess BUT also to fill me with his redemption, his power, his ability to root out my sin and replace it with more of him in my life. I need more and more of his precious spirit and less and less of my flesh. I need to lean more into his cross, see his cross as the most important thing that brings life to my body, my soul. His cross gives me all that I need, whether it is healing, faith. I just need to have the gift of repentance, to see my lack so that he can fill my need with more of him, this is why he died on the cross, to allow more of him into my life. I believe that the church needs to get comfortable with confessing their sins, get comfortable with asking for prayer that allows the tearing down of strongholds, the redemption of territory. We should joyously welcome the gift of Repentance unto Redemption as a church! It has brought such Joy to my heart. I pray this for the church. Salvation, the need for the cross is every day. I believe this is truly lifting Jesus up in my life in a very practical way. I now enjoy searching the scriptures and examining my heart to see where I lack, it is an opportunity for him to become more in my life.

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