I had a dream earlier this week that serves as a warning to pastors of large churches. In this dream, I knew by the spirit that Bobby (my husband, a pastor) represented pastors and the semi-truck and tractor trailer he was driving represented the large ministries these pastors lead. As the dream unfolds, not only is there a sobering message, but warning signs along the way that every pastor should consider if they want to avoid similar outcomes in the dream. The ending illustrates the seriousness of this warning.

I dreamt that I was with Bobby and we had a large property with a significant-sized home base in the center. He was driving a huge semi-truck with another tractor trailer attached behind it. He wanted to park the trucks parallel to the house along the side yard.  But, it was evident the semi was too big to do this maneuver easily. But he was determined to do it. So, he started driving in circles around the house, hoping to build up enough speed around the corners so that the back trailer would just skid into place, parallel to the side fence. Very risky, but he wanted to prove it could be done.

I couldn’t believe he was doing this as he was going way too fast. He had already clipped one of our family cars as he sped around a corner. Next time around he actually clipped a police car that was parked. By this time in the dream, the landscape had changed as the property was now filled with additional vehicles and a lot more people, like on a busy city street. I was getting worried and knew he should stop. But he kept going. The last time I saw him careen around a corner, I heard a crash and then some commotion around back. I saw people start coming around the corner talking about an accident, someone dying, and someone going to prison.

As people continued to come from the other side talking about the accident, I was looking for Bobby. But when “he” came out, it didn’t even look like Bobby. It was someone else I called “Sammy” with a completely different appearance from my husband. He had a dazed look on his face and when I started asking him what happened, he said he had accidentally killed someone. He described how something just “came out of nowhere” and he hit someone and caused a lot of damage. It was evident he was in denial, disbelief, and disassociated from what had just happened. But I knew that it had happened – and that he was the cause. I was in shock.

As I reflected on this the following day, I heard the Lord say, “RECKLESS DRIVER:” Any person who drives any vehicle carelessly and heedlessly in willful or wanton disregard of the rights or safety of others and without due caution and circumspection and at a speed or in a manner so as to endanger or be likely to endanger any person or property is guilty of reckless driving.

It was apparent in the dream that Bobby (representing a pastor) had become totally reckless in his behavior. He was so fixated on proving he could handle the trucks and parallel park them to the home base, he was oblivious to the consequences of his irresponsible actions. Now, he was trying to understand what happened and why, totally unaware of how his reckless actions caused the ultimate death of another individual.

In interpreting this dream, I believe there is a primary warning for pastors of large ministries, along with some additional warning signs that need to be heeded. Here is what I believe each part of this dream represents:

Large property with home base, along with semi-truck and trailer.

This represents those pastors and ministers who have been given large fields of influence in the church. Having a congregation or ministry as a home base, many of these popular ministers also have “side” ministries, including online platforms, speaking engagements, traveling schedules, book deals, etc. The pastors are the primary “drivers” of these ministries.

Pastor determined to park next to the home base.

The pastor’s attitude in the dream was “I can have it all.” He was determined to prove that he could be connected to his home base in addition to having these large side ministries. They could work together for the same purpose – he would make it happen. Believing he had the unique skills and talent to do what others couldn’t, he wasn’t going to stop until he proved it could be done. Visionary? Perhaps. Reckless? Definitely.

Dangerous speed.

The unnecessary speed was motivated by selfish ambition and pride. What may start as a godly ambition can soon turn into poison when ministry becomes a pastors’ identity and primary motivation. The affirmation and attention they may receive from influencing so many people should never be the driving force in their life. They need to pay attention and SLOW DOWN if they are to rightly assess their inner world and tend to their own soul and well-being.

Clipped family car.

This should be the first warning sign for any busy pastor that’s working at warp speed. If your family is negatively impacted by your preoccupation with ministry, it’s time to slow down or take a break. If you don’t pay attention to what’s happening on the home front, your loved ones are the first to get hit and feel the impact. And it’s only a matter of time before the damage becomes much more serious.

Any wrongdoing that may have started private, will eventually go public.

Where the dream first started with just me and Bobby at the home base, things quickly grew to include many more people in a wider field. The scene had quickly changed to include the entire city and those impacted beyond the home base. This is the reality of ongoing denial and the refusal to heed early warning signs. Like a seed, immature actions and irresponsible behavior will grow and can no longer be hidden behind closed doors. The fruit of the flesh will begin to impact all within the larger field of influence. 

Clipped police car.

This is yet another warning sign when reckless actions go unchecked. When one continues to deny wrongdoing and justifies sin, doors are opened to lying, cheating, deception, and a whole host of other demonic influences that will take one to the edge. Illegal activity is rarely planned, but it is often the next step when a leader refuses correction. 

Someone was killed and great damage was done.

Refusing to slow down when given the chance will only lead to greater harm. Not only personal harm and harm to loved ones at home, but harm to the body of Christ. In a worst case scenario, people may literally die when pastors do not take responsibility for reckless behavior. But spiritual death is also an outcome since sin always seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. Pastors who carry large influence must also remember the greater penalty they will bear when going against God’s standards and laws. No gift or amount of influence will allow a free pass when someone has crossed the line. 

Totally different appearance and disassociation.

When “Bobby” emerged from the crime scene, his appearance had totally changed. This is the reality of sin gone unrestrained. It can totally change a person to such a degree that even their family doesn’t recognize them anymore. The name “Sammy” simply made me think of a mafia-type personality having a reputation for compromise and corruption. This is what can happen to someone who allows sin to continue unabated. They become someone else, altogether. The ongoing denial and rebellion can even open the door to mental breakdowns and disassociation from reality. This is the painful aftermath when leaders do not deal with internal issues from the start.

Serious and life-altering consequences.

The ending to this dream speaks for itself. It should illicit a fear of the Lord into any leader who has been playing around with their priorities, not listening to God’s warnings, and become reckless.

I pray that in sharing this dream and interpretation, we can become more alert to the gravity of this hour. Not only do we need this reminder of how unchecked sin can become deadly, we need to pray for the pastors of large ministries along with their families. Even at a time when God is cleaning His House of compromised and corrupt leaders, He is also calling to some who are currently living on the edge and about to fall. He is calling for them to slow down, take account, and get things back on track. There is still time to finish well. But time is short. Take heed.

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  1. Wanda, again thank you so much for sharing. One thing that came to mind is the first initial clip to a family car, I thought of the family of believers and hindering of their ministries, that God intends for them, a controlling spirit perhaps. Then another part of the clipping of the police car, because of lawlessness, now law is coming in and must be enforced. There is so much collateral damage and much more casualties than we may realize. I pray for an awakening for these Preachers, Teachers, Pastors who have any kind of platform and a huge following (really for all of us). That just as the son who left with his Father’s inheritance, came to himself, and recognized the true condition of his circumstances, really the true condition his heart, that we too come to themselves and really awaken to our true identity in Christ, calling and destinies, that God has intended for each of us personally and corporately. I ask God for the fear of the Lord for all of us.

    I have been a part of Celebrate Recovery for 10 years, and it has really provided framework within me, to really be mindful of my heart, working inventory, and making amends, asking for forgiveness…Thank God for the Holy Spirit and His convictions. This is such a huge tactic of the enemy if he can keep those with huge platforms to be consumed with the lusts of the flesh, lust of the eyes, & the pride of life…. Then the leaders and the followers are really malnourished. This is due to a lot of woundedness in their own hearts. It takes courage to deal with these hurts, habits, and hang-ups. There are a lot of abandonment issues that cause deep roots of insecurities, inferiorities, feelings of inadequacies, really having a false identity of who they are. Those that have been awakened, we really need to have a heart of mercy, forgiveness, and grace…. had it not been for the grace of God, each one of us would not experience the goodness of God and His love, and blessings. So, Father, let there be more of a grace upon these leaders, to have such humility, to cultivate a heart of true thanksgiving, and praise.

    Wanda, I am so grateful for you and Bobby, and many other people who are awakened, and have sound teaching, glory be to God that He has set a grace upon your life. I do take time to listen to most of your videos…God is stirring a lot in my heart…. He’s causing activation in me…… I have since been proactive in meeting with like minded believers and see the importance of covenant relationships. I keep it as a priority. I have allowed God to break down these walls of separation, by allowing myself to be involved in the local church. Ask God’s protection for you and your family, and home church. God bless you all.

    1. I so agree with your beautifully worded comment. This dream, It is for all of us. The woundedness of rejection, abandonment,insecurity, inferiority, and ignorance of God’s Powerful Word and wonderful plans for us sets us up for offense and vulnerability, and pride. Trying to get those those needs met in our own understanding usually leads to sin. Praise God for the Great Work of Healing and Deliverance He is doing and will accomplish in His Church. God is in the Healing and Restoration business and many of us who grew up in the Church are just finding out as Holy Spirit rips the veil of deception! I love Psalm 118:23, This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes! The Lords Eyes and mine! I cry out on behalf of myself, our leaders and the Body, Create in me/us a clean ❤️ O God and renew a right Spirit within me/usPsalm51:10. (Actually vs.10-19 ). I also agree that as God is Merciful with us, He calls us to be merciful with others! Mercy Triumphs over Judgment! James 2:13. I Love that so much because God hasn’t judged me/ us. We are loved and there is therefore No Condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus Romans 8:1. God’s Blessings on you all!

  2. I also had a dream in 2020 about a televangelist and other Pastors who were connected with his TV program. That televangelist died in 2021. The warning that was given in the dream was: Be ye HOLY as I am HOLY.

  3. I so appreciate this posting. You are such a clear sighted, discerning person. I look forward to your posting and teaching each time. I send these on each time. They are always right on time for the need. I thank you again.

  4. Could “Sammy” be Sammy Rodriguez? He is one of the 40 or so prophets I have on my prayer list, but I don’t follow him or know anything about how big and successful his ministry is or what he might be currently dealing with. Anyway, I’ll intensify my prayers for his spiritual protection and Holy Spirit guidance just in case he needs them.
    I hope your Bobby is good at delegating responsibility and not suffering under the weight of other people’s burdens and problems. Pastors also have to set boundaries to protect themselves and others, and know when to say, “NO!”

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