Religious Exemption

For those seeking a religious exemption from the vaccine, here is a SAMPLE LETTER that you can download, personalize, and use freely.

REDEMPTIVE GIFTS STUDY with Outline, Questionnaire, and Video Links

Study these 7 unique gifts from the Heavenly Father which He uses to redeem His people and motivate our call. Included is the outline, a questionnaire, and a link to the accompanying video series from Wanda Alger.

Dealing with Territorial Strongholds

A biblical overview in dealing with territorial spirits and principalities, looking at patterns and principles in both Old and New Testaments.

Healthy Five-fold Ministry in the Local Church

Outlines the biblical precedent and qualifications for five-fold ministers, as well as the process of affirmation and commissioning within a local congregation.

Dream Interpretation Principles

Learn helpful truths and insights concerning dream interpretation and how to apply the revelations given by Holy Spirit.

Freemasonry: Roots and Results

An extended study on this corporate stronghold along with prayers of renunciation. (Includes many online sources – all noted.)

Freemasonry: Prayers for Deliverance

Based on the longer PDF document, “Freemasonry Roots and Results”, this shortened version includes just the prayers for deliverance.

Confronting Conflict with Courage

Taken from David Augsburger’s book, “Caring Enough to Confront,” this outline provides straight-forward insights in dealing with conflict. Powerful truths that are time-tested and proven to work!

Leaving and Cleaving: Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties with Parents

Co-dependency is a trap of the enemy, especially when it comes from generational bonds. Learn more about the characteristics of an unhealthy soul tie between adult children and their parents and how to break free from its grip.