Prayer Alert to Pray in the Spirit to Push Back the Adversary

April 8, 2017 // 9 Comments

In order for breakthrough to come, it’s time to start praying in the Spirit and worship. This prophesied Breakthrough that many have been talking about will not simply happen on its own. There is an Adversary seeking to cloud our thinking, our judgment, and the life of the Spirit within us. It is especially seeking to limit and hinder leaders from moving forward in the plans and purposes of God – [...]

Overcoming Witchcraft in a City and Region

March 28, 2017 // 1 Comment

The rise of deception, godlessness, and rebellion against authority is openly seen in this nation on a daily basis. There is no longer a question as to the severity of our condition or the need for a supernatural move of God. The question many believers face is how to pray. We realize this battle is not just a problem to be fixed, but a condition that must be changed. What do we do in the face of such [...]

Wisdom Calls Out! Do You Know Her?

March 16, 2017 // 6 Comments

As we cry out for heaven’s help and aid in this hour of transition as believers and as a nation, what kind of help are you looking for? Where are the answers to the pressing needs and questions that many are confronted with in the ever-changing landscape of our culture and life? Do you look for breakthroughs in your life and in your place of influence?  What is it that you seek in order for the [...]

A Watchman Dream: There’s a Mole in The House!

March 9, 2017 // 5 Comments

In a recent dream, I see that something is happening in the foundations of the land. Something is destroying things from underneath. I go look outside my house and see a hole in the ground. I know it belongs to a mole. I know that a mole is what is causing the destruction. Sure enough, I hear some rumbling and soon after I see a mole race out of the hole into the field. There is talk of moles inside the [...]

Get Ready to RECEIVE!

March 7, 2017 // 4 Comments

I tell you to get ready for things to turn, to change, to go inside-out and upside-down. Adjust your expectations and align your spirit to receive what you are not ready for! Your spirit says YES and so it must be YES and AMEN. Even so, it will not happen the way you want. It will not look the way you think. Join with heaven in declaring the NEW THING that’s about to take place! It will not blow your [...]

A Divisive President? Maybe that’s a GOOD thing…

March 2, 2017 // 8 Comments

There are many today who are calling our President a divisive president. They claim he is the cause of all this division in the land and especially in Congress. The increased divide between the Left and the Right, the Republicans and Democrats, the Whites and Blacks, and the Christians and Non-Christians, is getting bigger by the day. At a time when “unity” is the presumed goal, it would appear this [...]

The Call for Prophets and The Body of Christ to Work Together

February 27, 2017 // 2 Comments

I was sitting in a rocking chair holding a baby. It was very healthy, but very hungry. I then saw the Christ figure walking toward me and kneel down in front of me. I knew He represented the BODY of Christ as He came to me as a PROPHETIC VOICE. I felt His love and compassion, not only for me, but for the baby. I knew that I needed to feed this baby, but I couldn’t do it alone. The sustenance I could [...]

It’s Not About You – It’s About US

February 15, 2017 // 2 Comments

At a time when the Church truly needs to come together to war against the prevailing anti-God agenda in this nation, my heart has been captured with a revelation of Christ’s perspective on our process. Even though I’ve read the Scripture many times, it never really sunk in as to how He looks at US; not just ME, but US: “…Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her … to present her to [...]