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Available from Intercessors for America (for a donation of any amount), this pocket-sized prayer manual packs a punch!

PRAYER THAT SPARKS NATIONAL REVIVAL will empower your prayers for the Church and for the upcoming 2020 election. We need a REVIVAL OF THOUGHT if we want a revival of the Spirit! We need to SHIFT THIS NATION through our prayers and our engagement if we want to see true transformation. This book includes a 12-Day Devotional for personal or corporate intercession, 5 Key Prayer Strategies for Lasting Change, 6 Targeted Areas of Repentance, a powerful prayer for our President, and a bonus sneak-peak at my next major project coming out in February of 2020, “Moving From the Sword to the Scepter: Ruling Through Prayer as the Ekklesia of God.”

PRAYER THAT SPARKS NATIONAL REVIVAL is a prophetic declaration of how we move from the miracle of the 2016 election to allowing God’s promises to continue. Wanda accurately portrays the spiritual reality we are living in while prescribing the intercessory solution for the future. Most prophetic voices and authors focus on the veracity of our decrees while Wanda’s focus is appropriately personal resulting in real results. The quick read is a must. (David Kubal, President and CEO Intercessors for America)



ORACLES OF GRACE: Building a Legacy of Wisdom and Revelation (December 2018)

Available on AMAZON and KINDLE (click on image to view and order)

A devotional resource to take you deeper in your walk with the Lord. Over 40 entries of prophetic insights and scriptural principles to build a lasting foundation in your journey as a Spirit-empowered believer.

Read what others are saying about Oracles of Grace:

“Oracles of Grace is a book to take you from where you are, in a straight line to where you want to be…to where you need to be… This is a book that draws you softly and carefully into that grace without the trappings of legalism.  You need to get this book.” – STEVE SCHULTZ, Publisher, The Elijah List

“Are you ready to fall into our Father’s heart through a passionate pursuit with greater power and results? I highly recommend this book to bring you into alignment with His heart and what He is doing on this earth.” – DALE J. MAST, Senior Pastor, Destiny Church, Dover, Delaware; author, And David Perceived He Was King

“I can personally attest that Oracles of Grace was penned by one who knows the secret place from firsthand experience. Whether a novice or grizzled warrior, Oracles of Grace has the potential for life-changing breakthroughs with Him!”  BRIAN FRANCIS HUME, National Prayer Director, Awaken the Dawn


PROPHETIC COACHING SEMINAR DVD Set ($20 suggested donation plus $3 shipping) – Taught by Wanda Alger and recorded at Crossroads Community Church in May of 2017, this 3-Session training series focuses on the purpose and function of prophetic gifts and learning the prophetic lifestyle.

Order through Crossroads Community Church by CLICKING HERE. 


Pastors, Prophets, and Intercessors DVD Set ($25 suggested donation plus $3 shipping) – Watch our entire conference including six sessions by Wanda Alger, Bill Yount, Brian Hume, and Bobby Alger.

Order through Crossroads Community Church by CLICKING HERE. 


DREAM INTERPRETATION CD SERIES by Wanda Alger ($20 suggested donation plus $3 shipping) – Four hour-long sessions on dream interpretation principles and examples.

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21-Day Devotional: “Making Room for His Presence”  – By Bobby & Wanda Alger


If we long for our communities to see the tangible presence of God permeate our cities and bring lasting transformation, we must prepare the way through personal consecration. This 21-day prayer guide provides biblical admonitions and practical prayer points that will help prepare the way for a deeper experience of God’s presence in your own life. When prayed in a community, it can open the door to a greater experience of God’s presence in your church and community.

Making Room for His Presence Sample PDF Preview

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Free PDF Downloads:

NEW! Click on the title to download a free PDF version of my book on the Religious Spirit:

Surely Not Us! Exposing the Religious Spirit in the Contemporary Church – I was greatly blessed to have C. Peter Wagner, a well-known spiritual father of apostolic ministry and teacher on spiritual warfare, endorse this book I wrote back in 2005: I loved Surely Not Us!  Regretfully, the spirit of religion has attained a pernicious foothold in too many of our churches and ministries and individual lives.  I am grateful to Wanda Alger for tearing off the disguise of this subtle agent of Satan in her book Surely Not for Us!  When this force of darkness is exposed, we can then move on the offensive, and Wanda gives an arsenal of weapons that will assure our victory!

Other Outlines and Studies:

The following outlines and studies come from many years of ministry in prayer counseling and deliverance in addition to insights gained through community intercession in recent years. They have all been used in personal and corporate prayer times and we have been blessed to see good fruit come as a result. I hope and pray they can encourage and inspire others to not only know the enemy’s schemes, but be empowered to overcome them!

A Biblical Framework for Dealing with Principalities and Spiritual Rulers – A brief study taken from the books of Acts to demonstrate proper and effective intercession for cities and regions.

GETTING FREE OF THE RELIGIOUS (Jezebel and Python Spirits) – An extended outline with scriptures on how to recognize and pray through these strongholds.

OUTLINE for Getting Free of Religious, Jezebel & Python – A summary of the extended outline including just the prayers.

The Biblical Pattern for Dealing with Territorial Strongholds – An earlier study on what Scriptures say about this subject.


Dream Interpretation Principles

Leaving and Cleaning: Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties with Parents (PDF)