Making Room for His Presence: A 21-Day Community Devotional



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If we are to pursue the manifest presence and power of God in our communities and see the needed cultural shifts in our cities, we must prepare ourselves corporately as the Church.

This 21-Day Community Devotional guide takes believers through a corporate experience of consecration in order to strengthen our covenant with the Lord and one another. It is divided into 3 weeks with each week focusing on a different theme: humility, holiness, and unity. Each day has several scriptures, a focused devotional, and specific prayer points to apply both personally and corporately. Though this devotional guide can be used, first, with a small group or congregation, it is hoped that several churches would join together on behalf of their community to see the needed spiritual transformation and cultural shifts needed in the land. It is through our confessions of repentance, declarations of truth, and acts of obedience that we become “… a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that (we) may declare the praises of Him who called (us) out of darkness into His wonderful light” (1 Peter 2:9).


Week One: Humility versus Pride
Day 1 – Humility Defined
Day 2 – Living Low
Day 3 – Succeeding With Grace
Day 4 – The Joy of Correction
Day 5 – Letting Holy Spirit Do His Job
Day 6 – Comparisons Prohibited
Day 7 – Who Am I?

Week Two: Holiness versus Idolatry
Day 8 – Holiness Defined
Day 9 – Living Pure in an Unclean World
Day 10 – The Safest Place to Be
Day 11 – Face Time with God
Day 12 – Politically Correct or Biblically True?
Day 13 – Holy and Happy
Day 14 – No Holiness, No Presence

Week Three: Unity versus Division
Day 15 – Unity Defined
Day 16 – The High Call of Honor
Day 17 – The Value of Each Other
Day 18 – To Whom or To What are We Bound?
Day 19 – Living Unoffendable
Day 20 – The Call for Critical Care
Day 21 – You Must be Present to Win

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