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In these twelve 20-minute sessions, Wanda covers key themes in each chapter of her book, sharing practical ways to apply the principles both personally and corporately. Use for personal study or share with a small group by reading a chapter, watching the video and then processing the principles before praying through the Prayer Guides at the end of each chapter.



Session 1: The Unexpected Trump Phenomenon
Session 2: The Fear and Terror of the Lord
Session 3: What is God’s Government?
Session 4: Not All Authority is Equal
Session 5: A Charge to Pastors
Session 6: Apostolic Authority and Prophetic Power
Session 7: Establishing Prayer Altars
Session 8: From Warriors to Rulers
Session 9: Spiritual Warfare Practices from the Early Church
Session 10: From Reformation to Transformation
Session 11: Securing Your City
Session 12: The Call to Disciple Nations

Below is SESSION 1 of this series for your complimentary preview (in HD)! 



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