(Online Video Series) Moving from Sword to Scepter HD




This 12-part video series accompanies Wanda’s book and can be viewed online, ON DEMAND in High Definition. Perfect for watching on any device for either personal or small group study, this series includes twelve 20-minute sections with Wanda Alger covering main themes and insights from each chapter of her book. (Book must be purchased separately HERE).  You can also read the first chapter of this book, free HERE. 

*Upon completing your purchase, you will receive a separate email which will direct you to our online hosting site where you will have unlimited access to watch the series as a “course” On Demand. 

  • A DVD version is also available in Standard Definition (compared to this online version which is in High Definition shown below as a complimentary preview).
  • DVD Sets can only be shipped within the Domestic U.S. (for international customers, we recommend the HD version On Demand). 



Session 1: The Unexpected Trump Phenomenon
Session 2: The Fear and Terror of the Lord
Session 3: What is God’s Government?
Session 4: Not All Authority is Equal
Session 5: A Charge to Pastors
Session 6: Apostolic Authority and Prophetic Power
Session 7: Establishing Prayer Altars
Session 8: From Warriors to Rulers
Session 9: Spiritual Warfare Practices from the Early Church
Session 10: From Reformation to Transformation
Session 11: Securing Your City
Session 12: The Call to Disciple Nations

Here is SESSION 1 as a complimentary preview (shown in HD): The Unexpected Trump Phenomenon 


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