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Recorded live at Crossroads Community Church (Winchester, VA) in August 2023, this new ONLINE COURSE includes 12 hours of training for local churches to build and establish powerful prophetic ministry at the local level. Taught by Wanda and Bobby Alger, along with Carole Hofmann, this course includes 8 training sessions in addition to an Activation session, a bonus Q&A session, and a special prophetic message by Wanda. This course updates materials taught in our original course from 2020, and gives some new content, fresh revelation, and some expanded illustrations to inspire and empower believers who want to grow in the prophetic.

This course is viewed on-demand as a streaming service from any device at any time. This purchase also includes a PDF copy of the 50-page TRAINING MANUAL that is available for immediate download and copying. Or, you can purchase spiral-bound hard copies HERE (group discounts are also available HERE). A short video preview of this course is available below.

Here are all the sessions included in this course:

SESSION 1: Establishing an Apostolic/Prophetic People (1 hr, 6 min)

SESSION 2: Spiritual Gifts, Discernment, and Discerning of Spirits (1 hr, 9 min)

SESSION 3: Becoming a Pure Prophetic Vessel and Voice (53 min)

Q&A/SESSION 4: Prophecy in Dreams, Visions, and Revelatory Encounters (1 hr, 13 min)

SESSION 4 Activation: Giving and Receiving Prophetic Words (57 min)

SESSION 5: Hosting His Presence (1 hr, 25 min)

SESSION 6: Prophetic Intercession and Spiritual Warfare (52 min)

SESSION 7: The Call of the Prophet and Prophetic Accountability (1 hr, 11 min)

BONUS Q&A (1 hr, 7 min)

SESSION 8: Pastors and Prophets in the Local House (55 min)

BONUS MESSAGE: The Baptism of Fire and God’s Glory (59 min) 


*For those who do not have internet access to view this course, a USB flash drive option is available for purchase upon request. Email for more details.


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