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If you’re longing to go deeper in your pursuit of God’s presence and power in your life, this collection of “oracles” will open a fresh well of wisdom and revelation. Packed with scriptures and prayers, this devotional resource will help activate and establish powerful and compelling principles of the Spirit-empowered life.

43 readings are divided into six sections: An Invitation to the Secret Place – The Secret of a Sanctified Life – Growing in Grace – His Word is Like Fire – Pursuing His Presence – Oracles of God.

I love this new book, ‘Oracles of Grace’! It is filled with divine wisdom and revelation and encourages each of us to fulfill our God-given destiny. Wanda shares of God’s redeeming grace discovered during great pain, as well as from times of great joy. Expect the Holy Spirit to speak to you. (LaVerne Kreider, Co-founder and apostolic leader, Dove Christian Fellowship International)

Read this book! The best books written are by authors who walk the walk and talk the talk. Such a writer is Wanda Alger. I can personally attest that Oracles of Grace was penned by one who knows the secret place from firsthand experience. Her anointed words will draw your heart closer to the Lord. Whether a novice or grizzled warrior, Oracles of Grace has the potential for life-changing breakthroughs with Him! (Brian Francis Hume, National Prayer Director, Awaken the Dawn)

I recommend this book very highly to those who wish to break free from the unending complexities and challenges of these times, to return to the simplicity of a life in Christ: simply knowing Him, and living out His grace in our lives. (Sara Ballenger, Founder and President of Capitol Hill Prayer Partners)

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