Prayer That Sparks National Revival



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The kind of prayer that shifts a nation must go beyond personal desire to corporate agreement. We need to find common ground in the midst of extremist views and divisive rhetoric so we can rise with one voice and one message as the Ekklesia of God.

This pocket-sized prayer manual includes several strategic prayer outlines that can be used for effective corporate intercession, in addition to a prophetic perspective on our national crisis and the current mandate of the Church:

  • 12-Day Prayer Focus for 2020 Vision
  • 5 Key Prayer Strategies for Lasting Change
  • 6 Targeted Areas for Repentance
  • A Prophetic Charge to the Ekklesia of God: Moving From Sword to Scepter
  • Additional prayer resources

Each of the outlines include both scriptural references and principles for practical application, making them powerful tools for prayer groups and those with a burden to see our nation transformed through prayer.

Also available on AMAZON and KINDLE


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