Securing Your City With The Scepter (12 PDF Prayer Guides)




We need to secure our territories through prayer and godly leadership! As anti-God forces continue to rise up and align themselves against Kingdom purposes, it is critical that we come together and agree on God’s Word and His governmental authority in the land.

These 12 Prayer Guides for immediate download are excerpted from my book, Moving from Sword to Scepter: Ruling Through Prayer as the Ekklesia of God and can be printed for use in your prayer or study groups for effective intercession. Each prayer guide includes plenty of scripture references for deeper reflection and application. This PDF version makes the prayer guides mobile and easy to read, share, and take on-site as you prayer walk around your community. (Feel free to make copies for your group).

Chapter 1: Preparing the Way for Our Nation
Chapter 2: The Fear of the Lord
Chapter 3: May God’s Government Be Established on the Earth
Chapter 4: Establishing God’s People in Heaven’s Authority
Chapter 5: For Pastoral Leadership in the Nation
Chapter 6: Oneness of Heart and Mind in the Church
Chapter 7: Establishing Prayer in the City
Chapter 8: Securing Our Inheritance with the Scepter
Chapter 9: Shifting the Spiritual Authority Over Cities
Chapter 10: Preparing Your City for Transformation
Chapter 11: Guard, Keep, and Occupy Your City
Chapter 12: Building a Legacy

Preview Chapter 10 HERE (renamed “Put a Firewall Around Your City”) 


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