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To promote small group study and encourage an increase of watch groups across the nation, you can purchase my latest book, MOVING FROM SWORD TO SCEPTER, for only $10 each when you order 5 copies in this special pack ($50).

PLUS, you will receive the 12-part VIDEO SERIES on DVD for only $25 (regular price is $39.95)! That brings the total to only $75 for your small group to start preparing the way for a spiritual upgrade in your city – a savings of $40.


For too long, Christians have been battling against the forces of darkness when they should be ruling over them! It is time to shed our spiritual warrior mentality and take our rightful seat as spiritual rulers in the Kingdom of God. In Moving from Sword to Scepter, you will discover how to displace demonic forces and release Heaven’s rule from a place of spiritual authority, both personally and corporately as the Ekklesia of God. (Read the first chapter HERE as a free preview.)

THIS 5+1 PACK offer is probably one of the best deals you’ll get – and you won’t find it on Amazon or anywhere else!

Please consider taking advantage of this great resource for your small group that will encourage your faith, empower your prayers, and give you fresh prophetic perspective and wisdom concerning God’s plan for the Ekklesia in this next decade. If you don’t have a small group – START ONE! What a great way to bring fellow believers, leaders, and intercessors together for a powerful time of study and advancement in God’s plan for the Church in this Kingdom age! (For internationals, you can purchase the book on Amazon for the regular price and then purchase my ONLINE Video Series here.)

The 12 chapters in this book provide not only revelatory and prophetic insights concerning our nation and the Church, but detailed prayer guides at the end of every chapter to apply in your own spheres of influence.  Learn how to:

  • Engage in victorious spiritual warfare, modeling practices from the Book of Acts.
  • Function as a spiritual governor, ruling in the midst of the enemy.
  • Operate in spiritual protocols that defeat strongholds.
  • Displace and occupy enemy territory.
  • Practice apostolic prayer and intercession.


Session 1: The Unexpected Trump Phenomenon
Session 2: The Fear and Terror of the Lord
Session 3: What is God’s Government?
Session 4: Not All Authority is Equal
Session 5: A Charge to Pastors
Session 6: Apostolic Authority and Prophetic Power
Session 7: Establishing Prayer Altars
Session 8: From Warriors to Rulers
Session 9: Spiritual Warfare Practices from the Early Church
Session 10: From Reformation to Transformation
Session 11: Securing Your City
Session 12: The Call to Disciple Nations

Here is SESSION 1 as a complimentary preview (shown in HD): 

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