Victorious Eschatology (3rd Edition): A Partial Preterist View by Harold Eberle and Martin Trench



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This is the UPDATED THIRD EDITION of the popular-selling book by Dr. Harold Eberle and Dr. Martin Trench! 

This is a biblically-based, optimistic view of the future co-authored by Harold R. Eberle and Martin Trench. Along with an historical perspective, they present a clear understanding of Matthew 24, the book of Revelation, and other key passages about the events to precede the return of Jesus Christ. Satan is not going to take over this world. Jesus Christ is Lord and He will reign until every enemy is put under His feet!

Harold and Martin answer so many questions that I wrestled with for 50 years of Christian life and ministry. Aligning Scripture with historical New and Old Testament events, they clearly present ideas that both challenged and strengthened my end-times understanding and expectations. Unlike any eschatology book I have ever read, I recommend it to anyone who wonders what the future holds for believers. (Tim Matteson, Founding Pastor, Hope City Church, Reno, NV)

Read a summary article by Martin Trench at Victorious Eschatology: a simple summary – Martin Trench

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TABLE OF CONTENTS (344 pages):

Section One: Understanding Matthew 24
Introduction to Matthew 24
Question #1: “When Will These Things Happen?”
Question #2: “What Will Be the Sign of Your Coming?”
Question #3: “What About the End of the Age?”

Section Two: Understanding the Partial Preterist View
The Partial Preterist View Is the Victorious View
Strengths of the Partial Preterist View
Multiple Fulfillments of Prophecy?
Challenges to Our Present Belief
Things Are Getting Better

Section Three: Prophetic Messages Given to Daniel
The Message of Daniel 2
The Message of Daniel 9

Section Four: Understanding the Book of Revelation
Introduction to Revelation
When Did John Write Revelation?
Revelation 2 & 3: Seven Letters to Seven Churches
Revelation 4 & 5: Heavenly Scene of Christ’s Reign
Revelation 6: God’s Army Is Arrayed for Battle
Revelation 7–11: The First Set of Judgments
Revelation 12–14: The Second Set of Judgments
Revelation 15–18: Third Set Against the World
The Metanaratives of the Three Partial Preterist Views
Revelation 19: The Kingdom of God Is Victorious!
Revelation 20: The Millennial Reign of Jesus
Revelation 21 & 22: The New Heaven and Earth

Section Five: The Jews, Israel, and the Temple
The Jews Were Judged but Not Rejected
The Coming Jewish Awakening
What About the Land of Israel?
What About the Temple in Jerusalem?

Section Six: The Antichrist
Pertinent Passages About the Antichrist
John’s Description of the Antichrist
The Man of Lawlessness

Section Seven: The Rapture
Futurist View of the Second Coming
Partial Preterist View of the Second Coming
Examining Pertinent Passages

Section Eight: The End Times
The Apostles Believed They Were in the End Times
The Futurist View of the End Times
The Partial Preterist View of the End Times

What Others Are Saying:

For someone looking to make sense of biblical end times, this is a must read! Theology is very complex, but Dr. Eberle and Dr. Trench have a way of sharing, that challenges difficult perspectives, while bringing us all along. “Victorious Eschatology” is certainly no exception. Dr. Eberle along with Dr. Trench simplify the complicated and lead the reader into foundational biblical perspectives of a hopeful future.

  • Ben Nichols, Director, All People Free, Lynden, WA

What Harold Eberle and Martin Trench have written here will cause a shift in your thinking of eschatology or end-time events. We need a shift that will move the Church from a rapture mentality to a harvest theology . . . We are not the Church in failure, running out the back door while the devil kicks in the front door. We are the Church of Luke 10:19 that has authority over all the power of the enemy.

  • Cal Pierce, Director, Healing Rooms Ministries, International, Spokane, WA

When I talk with millennial and generation Z Christians, I see them come alive when discussing a victorious view of the end times. The old “left behind” scenarios do not seem to connect with them. I can relate to their excitement as I reflect on the content in this book. It presents an optimistic view that will make your heart leap with joy for the future of the Church, but it is also solidly Bible-based and rooted in the views of the historical Church. The reader will understand, maybe for the first time, key Scriptures about the end times and see hope for the future of the Church.

  • Brian Sauder, Director, Training Schools, DOVE International, Lititz, PA

The book explains the various options on end-time issues and shows the biblical and historic information as to why this particular view is more in line with God’s Word. I highly recommend “Victorious Eschatology, A Partial Preterist View,” in part because it will put to an end some of the non-biblical views shared on Christian television and bookstands.

  • Selwyn Stevens, Ph.D., D. Min., President, Jubilee Resources International, New Zealand

We had been introduced to many divergent views of eschatology over the years and had grown skeptical of the subject altogether. But when challenged to read this book, we were hesitant to consider one more time the subject of “last things.” We were completely surprised and delighted as we were encouraged to study what the Scriptures had to say about last things rather than what we had been taught. We invite you to open your heart to do the same.

  • Randy and Deborah O’Dell, Senior Leaders and Apostles, Freedom Gateway Center, Farmington, MI


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