SPECIAL FEATURE: Words to Pray Concerning the Suffering Inflicted by the Wicked


ARTICLE: Angels of Light and Demons in Disguise
ARTICLE: Does President Trump Pass the Scriptural Litmus Test?
ARTICLE: Pastors Are Charged With Blowing the Trumpet and Sounding the Alarm
ARTICLE: Seven Levels of Authority We Submit To
**ARTICLE: Tax Information about 501C3 – Defending Utah
ARTICLE: What Qualifies Governing Authorities?
PDF: Care-Fronting -Wanda Alger
PDF: Healthy Five-Fold Ministry in the Church -Wanda Alger
PRODUCT: Making Room for His Presence: 21-Day Fasting and Prayer Devotional -Bobby/Wanda Alger
PRODUCT: Moving from Sword to Scepter -Wanda Alger
PRODUCT: Oracles of Grace: Building a Legacy of Wisdom and Revelation -Wanda Alger
PRODUCT: Prayer That Sparks National Revival -Wanda Alger
PRODUCT: Securing Your City with The Scepter -Wanda Alger
VIDEO: Side by Side: Women and Men Working Together – Dave Hess – YouTube
VIDEO: What does it mean to submit to governing authorities? – Wanda Alger – YouTube
VIDEO: What scripturally qualifies a President or Governor? -Wanda Alger – YouTube
BOOK: Five Fold Ministry Made Practical -Ron Myer
BOOK: Living a Changed Life: Seven Transformational Lessons-PREVIEW-Bobby Alger
BOOK: Side by Side: Women Leading Together in the Church -Dave Hess

ARTICLE: Counterfeit Mercy is Masquerading as Truth
ARTICLE: Compassion Based on a Lie Isn’t God’s Love
ARTICLE: Two Words From the Lord Concerning the Virus
ARTICLE & VIDEO: Is There a Demonic Conspiracy Behind the Vacc? -Wanda Alger
PDF: Life-Saving Treatments
PDF: Religious Exemption Letter

ARTICLE: Need Help Interpreting Dreams?
ARTICLE & VIDEO: Unpacking Dreams About the Nation
PDF: Dream-Interpretation-Principles-2020 -Wanda Alger
PRODUCT: Dream Interpretation Audio Series -Wanda Alger

ARTICLE: An Open Vision – Rightly Interpreting the Times
ARTICLE: Are We Willing to Pay The Price for Another Outpouring?
ARTICLE: A World-Wide Revival: Zephaniah 3:9-10 (Watchman Radio Hour – Alex Dodson
ARTICLE (& VIDEO): Do Not Delight in The Destruction of The Wicked
ARTICLE: Finding Unity Concerning the End Times
ARTICLE: How to Prepare for What’s To Come
ARTICLE: Instead of Arguing About the Rapture…
ARTICLE: The Prayer That Saved the World
ARTICLE: These Are the Days
VIDEO SERIES: Victorious Eschatology -Harold Eberle
VIDEO: Biblical Worldview -Harold Eberle
VIDEO: Is It Time For the Rapture? -Wanda Alger
VIDEO: My View of End-Times Theology -Wanda Alger
BOOK: Victorious Eschatology -Harold Eberle

ARTICLE: The Enemy is Using One of God’s Greatest Weapons Against Us
ARTICLE & VIDEO: General Lee and The Masonic Ties That Bind
ARTICLE: What is the Job’s Daughter Program?
PDF: Freemasonry: All You Need -Amanda Buys
PDF: Freemasonry Cutting the Unholy Ties That Bind -Wanda Alger
PDF: Freemasonry on Trial -Choosing Truth Ministries

ARTICLE: Do You Know Your Redemptive Gifts with 3-part videos
PDF: Redemptive Gifts Questionaire
PDF: Spiritual Gifts Assessment -Willow Creek Church
PDF: The Redemptive Gifts Study (Wanda Alger)
VIDEO: The 7 Spiritual Gifts of the Father | WANDA ALGER | 1.2.22 – YouTube
VIDEO: The Gift of Discerning of Spirits -Wanda Alger

ARTICLE: A New Generation of Religious Spirits to Overcome
ARTICLE: Are Voices Harassing You? It Could be Leviathan
ARTICLE: Breaking Free from Familiar Spirits
ARTICLE: Can a Believer Be Demonically Possessed?
ARTICLE: Don’t Succumb to Fear, Panic Attacks, and Anxiety
ARTICLE: Is the Enemy Building a Case Against You?
ARTICLE: Unhealthy Soul Ties and Vows Can Nullify God’s Covenant Promises
ARTICLE: We Need Personal Freedom Before We Can Get National Deliverance
PDF: Leaving and Cleaving Teaching -Wanda Alger
PDF: Self-Protecting Vows -Neil Anderson
PDF: Steps to Freedom in Christ-Addendums -Neil Anderson
PRODUCT: Getting Free from The Religious, Jezebel and Leviathan Spirits -Wanda Alger
PRODUCT: Overcoming the Fear Factor -Wanda Alger
VIDEO: Are You Being Harassed by Demonic Spirits? -Wanda Alger
VIDEO: Can a Christian Have a Demon -Wanda Alger
VIDEO: Christian vs. New Age Healing -YouTube-Global Awakening: Dr. Randy Clark
VIDEO: Clarification of Generational Sins -Pastor Bobby Alger
**VIDEO: The Basics of Deliverance, PART 1-Derek Prince
**VIDEO: The Basics of Deliverance, PART 2-Derek Prince
VIDEO: My Testimony of Deliverance -Wanda Alger
WEBSITE: Freedom in Christ Ministries
**WEBSITE: Trafficking Survivors – Fighting Monarch
WORKBOOK: The Steps To Freedom In Christ -Neil Anderson
BOOK: A Christian Response to New Age, Reikie, and Therapeutic Touch -Dr. Randy Clark
BOOK: Keys for Deliverance -Jake Kail
BOOK: Setting Captives Free: PREVIEW -Jake Kail
PDF BOOK: The Bondage Breaker -Neil Anderson

ARTICLE: Alert to Prophets and Intercessors
ARTICLE: Do You Carry a Mordecai Mandate for This Nation?
ARTICLE: Five Keys in Praying Strategically for Our Nation
ARTICLE (& VIDEO): Focusing on the Real Enemy
ARTICLE: Heaven’s Weapon Against Satanic Terror and Abuse
ARTICLE: Intercessors are The Rudder on Ship America
ARTICLE: Intercessors – Get Rid of the Snake Called “Show and Tell”
ARTICLE: More Prayer or Better Prayer?
ARTICLE: Portals of Revelation
ARTICLE: Six Roadblocks That Must Be Removed
ARTICLE: Take Your Seat in the Middle of Enemy Warfare
ARTICLE: The Angelic Hosts are Awaiting Our Instructions
ARTICLE: The Kind of Prayer That Shifts a Nation
ARTICLE: The Power of Forming Watch Groups
ARTICLE: We Need Words That Carry the Weight of Heaven
ARTICLE: What is Holding Up Our Prayers for This Nation?
ARTICLE: What Kind of Authority Do You Have in Prayer?
ARTICLE: Why Keep Praying if it’s Already Been Prophesied?
VIDEO: Feelers, Mind Control, and Enemy Interference -Wanda Alger
VIDEO: Throne Room, Battle Ground, and Throne Room Prayers -Wanda Alger

ARTICLE: Becoming a People of Prophetic Accuracy and Revelatory Depth
ARTICLE: Discerning a True Prophet from a False Prophet
**ARTICLE: How to Judge Prophesy – Derek Prince
ARTICLE: The Call for Prophets and the Body of Christ to Work Together
ARTICLE: The Need for Prophetic Excellence and Discerning False Prophets
PDF: Healthy Five-Fold Ministry in the Local Church -Wanda Alger
**PDF: Recognizing False Messengers – And What To Do About It – Wanda Alger
PRODUCT: Prophetic Mentoring Training Course -Wanda Alger
**VIDEO: Prophetic Mentoring Training Course – Session 1 – Wanda Alger

ARTICLE: Angels and Demons in Ground Level Warfare
ARTICLE: Dealing With the King of Pride
ARTICLE: How to Properly Address Regional Strongholds
ARTICLE: Overcoming Witchcraft in a City or Region
ARTICLE: Shifting the Atmosphere Over Our Cities from Fear to Faith
ARTICLE (& Video): Stop Speaking to Principalities -Wanda Alger
ARTICLE: Strategic Warfare and The Demonic Manipulation of the Next Generation
ARTICLE: Ten Principles to Guard, Keep, and Occupy Your City
ARTICLE: Which Priesthood is Most Active in Your Community?
ARTICLE: We Are Being Lied To
PDF: A Biblical Framework for Dealing with Principalities and Spiritual Rules -Wanda Alger
PDF: The Biblical Pattern for Dealing with Territorial Strongholds -Wanda Alger
VIDEO: Angels and Demons in Ground Level Warfare -Wanda Alger
VIDEO: Demons in Disguise: Part 1 -Wanda Alger
VIDEO: Demons in Disguise: Part 2 =Wanda Alger
VIDEO: We The People Must Break Jezebel’s Spell -Wanda Alger