Several weeks ago my husband, Bobby, who is a local community pastor, had a significant dream. He was meeting with the pastors from our city when several large angels dropped down from the rafters with a message. They looked at the gathering and told my husband, “They don’t know the battle that’s coming. They are unaware.”
As the dream unfolded, the angels started forming smaller groups with these pastors, based on their interests and relationships. It appeared their connection with one another was organic in nature, not planned or coordinated by a campaign or project. The heavenly host was drawing these pastors together for heart-to-heart connections with one another to help prepare the way.

After a while, Bobby asked the largest angel if there was anything else they had to say. The angel then said, “People must move from being consumed about their natural health, to being consumed about their spiritual health.” Bobby sensed that “natural health” referred to more than just a preoccupation with one’s physical well-being. It had to do with the attention given to human desires, fleshly pursuits, and temporal matters as opposed to a concern about the spiritual man and eternal realities. It was a call to pay attention to one’s spiritual well-being and depth of perception and not focus so much on things that are temporary.

So, we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. (2 Corinthians 4:18)

As watchmen in our community, we knew this was a prayer alert to take seriously. I also believe this is a reality in many other communities across the nation. The pastoral community is largely focused on caring for the sheep and addressing physical, mental, and emotional needs of the Body. This is certainly a part of their grace and their call. And yet, if the spiritual leaders in a city do not rightly discern things according to the Spirit of God, they will be caught unaware of the true battle in the heavenlies. If the spiritual man is not built up, the people of God will not have the wisdom, strength, or needed spiritual authority to stand against the enemy in the battles to come.
We know we are already in a spiritual battle in this nation. We see corruption and deception being exposed; but it’s not just in Washington D.C. The devil’s agenda is targeting many cities in this nation, looking to find footholds in the land. This has already happened in numerous communities where anti-God legislation is now the rule of thumb and biblical conservative values are being voted out of the city books.

The only way for this to stop is for local leaders to rise up with one voice and say “No.” The only reason our spiritual adversary continues to take ground is because the righteous stay silent and pastors are hesitant to get involved. There is a rise of local Pride parades, Drag-Queen story hours, acceptance of the Islamic ideology, stripping of parental rights, same-sex bathroom laws, and the list goes on. These realities are no longer in some foreign country or metropolitan city. They are taking up residence in any town that lets them.

The doors that have been opened by the politically correct are now allowing anti-God and anti-faith initiatives to flood communities and towns that were once considered “safe.” My husband’s dream should serve as a wake-up call to local pastors as well as other spiritual leaders in communities to look outside their own front doors to truly “see” what is happening. Though the practical needs of the flock will always need attention, there is a spiritual war going on and it’s about to get bigger if no action is taken.

Being a part of the pastoral community, I can vouch for many pastors who ARE taking heed, praying for their cities, getting involved in their communities, and taking a stand for righteousness. But there are many who are still unaware, and not ready. There are many who are ill-equipped to lead the charge and take the necessary steps to empower the people of God in their cities. They need our prayers and our support.

Pastors also need one another. Unless you walk in their shoes, it is impossible to understand the pressures and overwhelming responsibilities these pastors face. Many are simply not gifted to be charismatic leaders or cultural change agents. They are primarily shepherds and truly love their sheep. Unfortunately, there are also those leaders who have no vision for their community as much as a drive to grow their own ministry. It is only when the Holy Spirit captures their heart that any shift will occur.

Every city will be different and every community will have a unique strategy and vision. Even so, the common thread among the many communities that are experiencing God’s favor and blessing, is that the pastors not only work together, but truly value one another. Ultimately, it will not be the carefully crafted city-wide campaigns that will bring lasting change, but the heart-to-heart connections of the local Body, starting from the top, that will create a covering of protection and power that no spiritual adversary will be able to penetrate.

What is most needed is a deep-felt hunger for spiritual things. As the angel told Bobby, we must all become more conscious and aware of the things of the Spirit and our role in these spiritual conflicts. We desperately need a move of the Holy Spirit that not only wakes us up, but fills us with a passion and zeal of the Lord that compels us to speak up, lead the charge, and prepare the way for Kingdom transformation.

  • Watch the video clip below to hear more details of this dream, in addition to another dream I had the other night that further unpacks how we can prepare ourselves for the battles ahead. Please be sure to share these posts!

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Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. I had a very similar dream just a few weeks ago, Wanda. Thank you for sharing your dream. I’ve been praying into the one the Lord gave me, and you’ve shed much light on some portions that I wasn’t sure about. I’m now better equipped to pray and share.

  2. Wanda, I really appreciate your posts and prophetic insights. This particular one of the dream your husband had goes along with the post Lance Wallnau put on his page on 8/10 (about being bold, Jonah, and the church). It also goes with what a local friend of mine is hearing as well. God is confirming His Word.

  3. Wow, Wanda. What a timely insight! I just commented on one of your older blogs concerning the Lord purposely offending our fleshly thinking, and that is the main reason many believers have had such a struggle with Donald Trump. We have to see and hear what the Spirit is saying or we will be blindsided. We will even be drawn into the wrong battles. It requires daily care of our Contact (fellowship with Him). Thank you!

  4. Im an Intercessor not a pastor, yet the Spirit convicts me that as individuals we are in the same area of need..that of relying more on the Holy One for All things. Sometimes our very breath

  5. Yes it time to wake up and focus on God
    prayer and worship are the keys we need
    And toto humble ourselves before God if only we could have no agendas and just wait upon God
    Fast pray worship and take communion draw closer to God in His Word pastors need to preach the gospel and not water it down and invite the Holy Spirit,

  6. The same is true for earthly riches. Those that spend their time seeking worldly riches are not rich toward God, Luke 12:21. Unfortunately, in many churches there is more focus on worldly prosperity that there is on Christ. Worldly prosperity does not save, only the gospel of Jesus Christ saves.I pray that pastors will return to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and him only.

  7. I had a vision of a great, quiet war
    I so wish I could take the American people and shake them by the collar. We are in the midst of a war for the heart, mind, and soul of America. Our great nation has been subverted from within. We have allowed it to be contaminated and let it spread like some colony of yeast, only to infect the entire engorged loaf.
    I’m talking of course about the progressive/socialist/communist take over of the Democratic party in America. It is unrecognizable today. It has indoctrinated our youth in schools and universities across this great land. It has moved to the radical left and even to the extremist left. It has become globalist in nature, at the detriment of our great country.
    It has no coherence, no universal message for America. It fights itself from within. It has become chaos incarnate. It eschews violence but supports Antifa. It demands respect but respects no one. It threatens our sacred institutions if they don’t kowtow to their demands. It’s like a horde climbing all over each other, sweeping across this land.
    When have we ever seen anything like this threaten our country before? Never! And yet most Americans remain quiet, fearful to stand up and be counted, afraid to fight for what they believe in.
    I tell you now, and listen carefully, you are going to lose the country you love so much. Most of the west coast has already become a cesspool of Democratic control and every year it creeps eastward. Its promises and platitudes tickle the ears of those who fall victim to its guiles, and they are lost forever.
    We must stop this cancer once and for all. We must pray, as we have never prayed before. We must speak out in one loud voice and say, “NO! Not here, not ever!” and we must vote in numbers unseen before to drive out this disease forever. If we do not do this, if we don’t have the greatest revival this country has ever seen, then America will fall and the Last Days will be upon us. We can delay the Last Days if we but return to God, or we can rush headlong towards then if we don’t.

  8. Hi Wanda, thank you for your obedience in sharing this clear accurate word. Listening to your dream, I felt the flowers the lover had prepared also represented a gift that was limited to a season. They are some provision, insight, favor or grace the Lord wanted to share or pour out on his people, but the window to receive it is closing. As the flowers fade because they are not watered, so the seasons God has prepared can be missed if we don’t align our thoughts, words and actions with what the season requires. So we miss it.
    You also shared about the attack that lead you to seek help from two friends. To one, it was a foreign concept, and the other was aware but questioned your approach and wanted nothing to do with your strange spiritual take on the situation (this was the one with un-watered flowers.) Your explanation of this dynamic in the church was spot on. Thank you. I wanted to add – that this is what the enemy is after, to break the power of the two or three gathering. When two or three gather, all the power and authority of heaven is available to be applied to any situation. When Jesus was on earth he carried in his body all the power of heaven. Now we are the body. When we agree in prayer it is the body re-assembled. In the dream you could not access that power because there was no agreement. (See Eph 4: 12-16). We need all the headship ministries (teachers, prophets … etc) for the church to be healthy.
    Bless you. Continue to walk forward in faith.

  9. Thank you for your posts and video. The Lord is pressing some of the same insights into my spirit: not being spiritually ready, the need to guard my time and relationship with him, to be more spiritually sensitive, ready to respond to his leading. I am definitely one of the people who need guidance in being more spiritually sensitive. Thank you for using video to communicate. God used it to answer several questions I have been praying about.

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