The over-reaching edicts and excessive executive orders being made by the current out-going president are an indication of a spiritual strongman working behind the scenes that has long been operating in this nation. Though intercessors have seen the spirit of Jezebel “toppled” as a result of the election, the spiritual battle to keep and occupy this nation has only begun. Another principality is still at work behind the scenes and it’s called the King of Pride: “He (Leviathan) sees everything that is high; he is king over all the sons of pride.” (Job 41:34) I believe the consistent attitudes of pride, defiance against existing authorities and the ongoing need for recognition and status demonstrated by our current president (and others in his administration) are being fed by this principality that seeks to exert oppressive control and dominance over its territory. And, this spirit won’t give up easily.

Now with the national shifting of political and spiritual authorities, this “fleeing serpent” (Isaiah 27:1) is desperate to do as much damage as possible before the oath is sealed on January 20. Its purpose is to not only limit and hinder what God is doing, but to sabotage the newly appointed governments, both natural and spiritual. Knowing that its time is short, this King of Pride seeks to destroy the storehouse of God’s prophetic promises over this nation and rob us of our hope for the future.

The only way to overturn the desperate and potentially damaging last-minute executive actions from the current administration is through the rightly postured hearts of praying believers. Until this case is settled in the courts of heaven, no legal action in the natural will have much lasting impact. Unless a humbled and rightly-joined body of believers come in the OPPOSITE SPIRIT, our spiritual adversary will continue to find ways to continue his assault – even with a new president and administration in office.

I believe the Lord is calling us to a higher standard of agreement in prayer this next year.  It will not be enough to simply pray the right prayers or declare the right scriptures. Our strategy must start with humbling ourselves before one another. We must come in agreement to the purposes of God and properly align ourselves through healthy interdependent relationships. In this coming year, there is a special grace on the power of agreement, when even TWO agree on a thing (Matthew 18:19). I believe our unity is being upgraded where the measure of the fruit we see will be in direct proportion to the measure of agreement we have in walking together.

What gives power to the King of Pride is its feeding on INDEPENDENCE and EGO (Job 41:24-25). What we see displayed in the executive office in recent days is an attitude of total independence from governing authorities and a disregard for the laws of the land. (This is not a personal judgment on the individuals involved, but a recognition of the demonic influence behind them.) The very thing that will nullify the power of this demonic influence is when believers come in the opposite spirit of MUTUAL SUBMISSION and HUMILITY. It is not simply saying “I agree” or “claiming our spiritual authority” in prayer. We must demonstrate mutual submission to one another as well as honor those in spiritual authority in our own lives. This is what can ultimately overturn these attempts to block and choke off the life-flow of God’s administrations – when we ourselves are walking interdependently in humility and honor. Though the temptation may be to “come against” such a principality in some kind of spiritual confrontation, it is exactly the opposite approach that will render it ineffective and powerless.

“So the princes of Israel and the king humbled themselves and said, “The LORD is righteous.” When the LORD saw that they humbled themselves, the word of the LORD came to Shemaiah, saying, “They have humbled themselves so I will not destroy them, but I will grant them some measure of deliverance.” (2 Chronicles 12:6-7, NAS)

Perhaps rather than engaging in “spiritual warfare” we need to simply submit in humility and agree that He alone is the Righteous Judge. In Isaiah 27:1, it states that the Lord Himself will deal with Leviathan: “In that day the LORD will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent, With His fierce and great and mighty sword, Even Leviathan the twisted serpent; And He will kill the dragon who lives in the sea.” (NASU) This means that we do not have to fight this thing. “Do not be afraid of them; the LORD your God himself will fight for you.” (Deuteronomy 3:22 NIV)

Our call to intercession right now is not just a call to humble ourselves before God, but to humble ourselves before one another. We must lay down our own pride and any temptation to be independent of one another. We must lay down offenses towards those in spiritual authority and honor those whom the Lord has established as rulers and governing authorities, including our own pastors and shepherds in our communities (Romans 13:1). We should seek to pray with others, especially our spiritual leaders, so that God’s favor and blessing can be released to the fullest.

It is from this place of humility and agreement that the King of Pride will not only be overthrown, but displaced. Heaven’s desire is for the body of Christ to become so unified, that we are literally “one man” (Philippians 1:27). It is this kind of interdependence and mutual love for one another that will render the enemies of God powerless.


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Wanda Alger

Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Amen!! The Holy Spirit revealed to me about Leviathan around a month ago so this is a great confirmation with great revelation! Amen..let’s get together and do this!

  2. Thank you Wanda,I would love to have you contact Me any time Holy Spirit has a personal prophetic Word insite for Me,I receive your messages they are directly to me every time and confirm what we are experiencing as the body of Christ,I have been a powerful prophetic intersessor obedient to the voice of My Abba Father,Holy Spirit Led and Directed most of my life, God first a Holy Goast boldness in me, Great Faith no fear in Me at all,. but the fear of the Lord, God is My Refugee and Strength & Never Leaves me for a Moment I operate moment by moment always in the Now Season,. JESUS. is My Saving Grace, I believe in. Miracles and expect to See the Miracles I speak Life & Healing to All that I’m asked to pray for,even serious accidents, JESUS SPOKE EVERYTHING INTO BEING, JESUS IS MY SAVING GRACE TOGETHER WE SEE MIRACLES, & more Miracles,. The ANNOINTING is Very powerful and Strong over Me,.Been married 4 times God had me walk away from 3 of them,2nd, Marriage was 15 yrs with a wonderful man & 15yrs,my senior,.a God ordained marriage,.He passed away25yrs,ago in Canada on Vancouver Island,, He treated me like his angel,never kept me from church even though he never went with me. Wanda I need prayer & insite in what I’m dealing with now,.I’m 75yrs youngstill,have not been married for 20years now, many men want to attach to Me, I am a beautifully Lady in God’s eyes,,I touch many lives because of God’s heart in Me as Me,I love very deeply In the mighty Name of Jesus, and CHRIST in Me as Me is My hope in Glory, I know I’m a Glory producer to everyone, and God’s GRACE is My Free Gift I cherish and Love MY Abba Father for taking me through All the journeys alone no partner,but God is always in the driver’s seat, Driving My Rav4 Toyoto,SUV,, or A 23ft, Tioga Fleetwood Motor home,3years in Campgrounds living in it with 3 little dogs traveling everywhere. the Lord takes us, in campgrounds RV Parks, WalMart parking lots you name it we lived in it,.From Hemet Calif, to Edtn, Alberta Canada, then to Louisiana, US,The Lord & I arrived in Baton Rouge LA Nov.11- 2014, Attended a Revival at WordofLifeCenter in Darrow all black church 9days am,& pm Revival,Apostle- Leroy Thompson, I was home immediately moment I stepped through the doors, True Pure Word of GOD, & the Worship is what I longed for,.21/2 yrs I attended faithfully, living out of my Motor home with very little income to survive on,But God is faithful to carry me through it,.I would thank God continually for my increase in wealth, My little dog Arthur,( named after my Son Arthur)he was 31/2mos, when God brought him right to my doorstep, at 17yrs I had to put him to sleep,Thank God he made it through most of the journeys the Lord had us on.Benji was a little Shitzoo 71/2mos, he came to live in our family also, I have Haley a little LapsoPoodel X given to me at 5wks, she is still my baby & it’s just her & I. 12 1/2 yrs of so much love, we go every where together,she’s all I have for companionship after loosing my 2 boys 5wks of each other,.Being in New Roads Louisiana 311 Fairfield Ave 70760. Renting a bedroom & bath suit,3mos now,it’s a boarding house, there are 7 big & little dogs n this house overpowering barking at everything,ongoing, it’s crazyness,they sleep in living room on the furniture. Haley sleeps in my room with me, & I have to protect her steadly,mostly those dogs don’t mind or obay,4 bedrooms are being rented, young immature boys & girl’s not married 1 6mo old baby boy, so adorable the mother is only starting to hold her baby and bond with him,.Girl & the boy of baby were jealous& envious of me from the start when I first got here, many vicious attacks toward me, assaults to hurt me, threats to hit me over my fen head with a stick if they ever caught me hitting their dogs big dogs,. It was printed up saying they would do this to me, I was walking through hallway into kitchen going out the door to church,dogs were barking their heads off,. A lot of noise they run toward you & almost knock a person down, I was dressed up for church,.Left Haley in my Bedroom,. 2 notes were on the kitchen counter vicious assaults,I did have to take it to the sheriff’s office,.I was not guilty, they said if they ever catch me hitting their dogs with a stick, they would hit me over my. fen head with a stick, & that I was a PSyksomatick Cunt,. I knew it was coming from a sick demonic demon,hanging around this household,.there were other threats I just ignore most of them and I never say any words to those two young people,.But the landlord sticks up for them and says I’m stiring things up around here,. You better believe I AM just walking through the house to my room & My Light exposes everything that is corrupt & wicked around here,.Wanda I had been praying for some time now for the Lord to bring me A Mighty Man Of God into my Life that would Love Adore and Cherish Me for who I Am in Christ.,someone who would be the right partner,love to do the same things travel minister the word of God, we must be on the same page as one Spirit,.Love to do things together as one,.and I would have to know God ordained this togetherness, I would have to know that I was In Love with the Right Man, if there is to be that very Right Man for Me,.but their must not be. any Pride, decetfullness, or unGodlyness of any kind in the way,.Must be honest, truthful and genuine, and believe in Me for who God made me to be His faithful one,.His Warrier, His Bride, I have never been manipulating or controlling, I love to take care of my man, but I expect him to take care of me as well, laugh & cry together have a heart of compassion for others,Main ingredient Love Jesus Christ first as His Lord and Savior, If you will interceed in prayer for me I sure do need to have my desires met again,.Lovingly Sylviajune, XO 951)490-3743. It might be the landlord but it sure has a big question. I’m not happy with,!!!.

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