General Flynn says “Local action equals national impact.” Perhaps God’s version would be, “Personal deliverance equals corporate freedom!” If we are to take out the spiritual giants in the land, we’ve got to first establish spiritual beachheads in our own communities. By learning how to war against demonic strongholds and interact with heavenly help, we will be able to keep the victory the Lord wants to give us.

In the video below, I present a scriptural framework for how believers should be using their spiritual authority to fulfill the commission of Jesus. Before ever addressing principalities and powers at work over our cities and nation, we need to first consider the demons in our own lives. We’re all affected by them, and Jesus gave us the power and authority needed to get delivered and then help others get free. Are you using yours!? Do you know God’s rules of engagement with enemy forces? You might be surprised….

(Below the video is a link for the PDF notes to my teaching for further study.)


RECOMMENDED VIDEO by HAROLD EBERLE: “The Gospel According to Chairs”
A mind-blowing presentation of the gospel of the Kingdom from a Father’s perspective

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Wanda has been in ministry for over 35 years as a worship leader, teacher, author, deliverance counselor, and speaker.


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  1. Staying in this theme, the Judgment in Revelation 20 when the books are opened is about casting out the beast [ego], the false prophet [the performers], and the devil [the father of lies.] It is not about retaliation, insults, threats or revenge. It is about accountability.

  2. Wanda, thank so much for your recommendation of the book, “Victorious Eschatology”. I am reading it now and it’s great! It makes so much sense and has put alot of things together for me that I wondered about. I was raised as a dispensationalist but have questioned it for years. The partial preterist view fits so much better with Scripture and world events. It gives me hope!

  3. I have been fighting attacks for years. They were not fights I went looking for but definitely came to me. They were both manifested in physical and spiritual realms. More manifested in the physical. I have not seen a full victory and strongholds in my family members are not set free. There are some victories because we’re all still here and together. I am not sure what I’m doing wrong or what needs to happen for breakthrough. I have ordered your study about deliverance from Religious, Jezebel and Leviathan spirits. If you have any other suggestions I am listening. I have felt very unable to fight much in the physical realm due to the sneaky nature of the attacks and the refusal of those doing it to acknowledge that it’s even going on. I took the fight to the spirit realm and feel like that’s how we have managed to survive, but I don’t want my family to just survive. I want us to thrive and LIVE in Christ. I want that abundant life. I’m not looking for easy but I am looking for breakthrough and victory in Christ.

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